Collection: Muscle Aches, Pains, and Workout Recovery

Sore Muscle Relief and Muscle Recovery

Suffering from overworked muscles, joint pain, or stiffness in your neck? We know how you feel. That's why we created Back in Action™ herb drops. Back in Action is chock full of herbal goodness — corydalis, turmeric, and 21 other functional herbs that work together to relieve inflammation and support the body's ability to repair itself. Taken regularly, Back in Action is also powerful pain management tool.

In fact, Back in Action is our version of a Chinese herbal formula used by Shaolin Temple monks to treat injuries received during intensive martial arts training. But don't think you need saffron robes or a black belt to use Back in Action, Grasshopper. It's perfect for weekend warriors, professional and recreational athletes, sore seniors, and anyone who occasionally overexerts themselves and wants an herbal alternative to pain medication.

Take Workouts to the Next Level with Peak Power

Back in Action is a wonderful companion supplement to Peak Power, our natural energy boosting formula that promotes improved oxygen availability and utilization. Packed with adaptogenic super herbs for energy optimization, Peak Power helps you overcome fatigue, energy depletion, and exhaustion while improving stamina and performance factors — all without stimulants. Peak Power is used by professional athletes as well as recreational sports enthusiasts and overworked moms to maintain peak energy levels. Use Peak Power alone or in combination with Back in Action as an essential part of your exercise routine.