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Do you have occasional aches, pain, and inflammation in muscles, joints, and connective tissues? Who doesn't? But there's no need to suffer. Herbalogic Back in Action formulas contain a natural blend of corydalis, turmeric, and nearly two dozen other herbs used traditionally to support faster recovery from minor damage due to overwork, exercise, and injury*  

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Traditional Buddhist wisdom says, "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional." There is a great inspirational nugget at the core of this simple saying. Back in Action Herb Drops and Back in Action XT Herb Capsules help support the body in its natural recovery process rather than simply masking pain.*

The basic formula for both comes from a Shaolin Temple scribe who rescued the recipe from a fire more than a century ago, but it was used long before then. It was developed by a group of kung-fu fighting, warrior monks to speed the healing and recovery of bodies overworked or injured during training or battle.

Back in Action XT contains more turmeric and corydalis to provide greater effect on inflammation and muscle soreness.