Collection: Easy Breather Series Herbal Formulas for Nasal Sinus, Nose, Eye and Ear Support

Easy Breather formulas contain herbs traditionally used to help healthy bodies cope with seasonal pollen, mold, pollution and other airborne irritants that can trigger an excessive immune response.*  

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Originally developed to help people suffering from cedar fever, Easy Breather combines herbs traditionally used to support the immune system and promote a normal upper respiratory response in those sensitive to tree, grass, and weed pollen, mold spores, dust, and pollution. Use to nourish your body's natural defenses and encourage healthy nose, sinus, and eye function when faced with seasonal changes, travel, or environmental stress.*

Easy Breather Herb Drops are fast-acting, and can be used as needed.

Easy Breather Herb Capsules provide long-lasting respiratory support when there are predictable airborne factors. Both provide best results when used regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle.