Herbs for Concentration, Focus, and Calm

These herbal remedies for mental concentration and calm may support those with attention deficit and hyperactivity issues by quieting internal chatter, focusing the mind, calming nerves, and easing restless, fidgety behavior. Use alone or in combination, depending on the type of attention problems you experience.

Fixed Focus: Support for Attention and Mental Concentration

Fixed Focus herb drops support mental clarity, normal attention span, and laser-like focus using a concentrated extraction of premium white tea leaves and the adaptogenic herbs eleuthero and gynostemma. White tea is a rich source of L-theanine, an amino acid studied for its positive effects on cognition, alertness, attention, memory, and other measures of mental performance. Eleuthero (formerly known as Siberian ginseng) and gynostemma contain ginseng-like compounds long used to promote vitality and stamina.

Together, these herbs make Fixed Focus a powerful, natural tool for those with attention problems, or for anyone who simply needs a little help focusing on important tasks (like studying for exams, balancing the books, or making an important presentation) without getting distracted. 

Fixed Focus Formula from Herbalogic: Support for Mental Clarity, Concentration, and Focus.

Quiet Mind: Support for Anxious Worry, Hyperactivity, and Racing Thoughts

Those with hyperactivity and impulsiveness often cite racing thoughts, restlessness, and nervous energy among the issues they face daily. Quiet Mind is formulated with 13 herbs traditionally used to calm, quiet, and normalize worried, hyperactive behavior, a racing mind, and anxious moods. Quiet Mind natural supplement may be helpful in promoting normal behavior in those who experience a wide range of hyperactivity and impulsiveness issues.


Quiet Mind Herb Drops by Herbalogic: Natural Remedy Supports Calming of Racing Thoughts, Hyperactivity, and Restlessness

Fixed Focus HD: Support for a Combined Inattention and Restlessness

For those with both attention problems and anxious, hyperactive behavior,  Fixed Focus and Quiet Mind herb drops may be safely taken together to provide full-spectrum mood support. For those who prefer an alcohol-free, taste-free option, Herbalogic has combined these two popular herbal formulas in our new Fixed Focus HD capsules.

Our capsules contain the optimal ratio of Fixed Focus and Quiet Mind in a vegetarian capsule that delivers herbs in two stages. The first stage releases a fast-disolving dehydrated form of our concentrated herb drops which are quickly absorbed. The second stage introduces powdered herbs. These are absorbed more slowly as they are digested, extending the time the formula is active in the body.


Fixed Focus HD Formula by Herbalogic: Herbs for Focus, Concentration, and Calm. Excellent Natural Remedy to Support Those with Attention Problems.