Herbalogic Peacekeeper™ Herb Drops

Peacekeeper™ promotes a healthy emotional response in women experiencing the irritability and moodiness that often coincide with monthly periods.* This herbal remedy's powerful combination of botanical extracts has long been used by traditional healers to restore balance and reduce the emotional peaks and valleys that make life miserable for many women.
Traditional Functions:

The ingredients in Peacekeeper Herb Drops have been used historically to:

stabilize emotional extremes caused by hormonal imbalances;
promote a healthy mood in women with PMS and PMDD;
support a desirable mood between periods.

Complete Herbal Supplement Ingredients and Instructions ▸▸

Mood Swings Occur with PMS and PMDD: Peacekeeper Herb Drops Contain Natural Mood Enhancers to Stabilize Erratic Moods in WomenVegetarian Natural Remedy for PMS Mood SwingsExtreme Moods and Sensitivity Formula: Peacekeeper PMS Remedies for Monthly Periods are Wheat FreeSoy-Free PMDD Treatment with Herbs for Mood Swings Dairy-Free Natural Supplements for PMS and PMDD Mood SwingsTriple Tested for Purity - Mood Swing Relief Formula: Peacekeeper Herb DropsMade in the U.S.A. Herbal Supplements for Women to Support PMS and PMDD Emotional StabilitySatisfaction Guaranteed - Peacekeeper Herbs Drops Contain Natural Mood Enhancers to Support Health Emotions During Pre-Menstrual Syndrome in Women

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