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Feeling anxious, nervous, or restless? Plagued by monkey mind, panic, or performance anxiety? Discover Quiet Mind, our natural, plant-based supplements that promote Zen-like serenity, relaxation, and a calm mood.*

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At one time or another, most of us experience occasional worry or nervousness that we just can't shake off. Maybe it's the constant stream of bad news we get from the media. Or a fear of public speaking. Often it comes with distracting mental chatter – what Buddhists call "monkey mind" – and a hand-wringing sense of unease.

It doesn't take much to upset our routine. Even a little mental turmoil can prevent us from being our best selves and doing our best work. It can also lead to poor sleep, or ramp up to become full-blown panic attacks.

Quiet Mind formulas were created to support a healthy mental state and balanced emotions. They contain only the finest natural ingredients long used in traditional medicine to encourage a calm, relaxed mood and turn down the volume on intrusive, racing thoughts. Available in fast-acting Quiet Mind Herb Drops and long-lasting Quiet Mind Herb Capsules.