Back in Action Herb Drops

Back in Action with corydalis combines 23 herbs long used effectively in Chinese herbal medicine to support pain relief and recovery in muscles, ligaments, and joints.*

Use to help ease soreness and speed recovery after strenuous activities, like home moving, spring cleaning, or heavy yard work. Use before or after deep tissue massage to maximize the therapeutic outcome. Use regularly before and after exercise, athletic training, or competitions to improve post-workout recovery times.

About Back in Action:

  • »   blends corydalis with 22 other herbs to support maximum relief of minor muscle and soft tissue pain
  • »   promotes recovery and repair of muscles, joints, and connective tissues
  • »   provides an herbal alternative for muscle pain or sore back due to overwork, injury, or exercise
  • »   minimally processed with no artificial ingredients; free of wheat, gluten, dairy, and
  • »   made in the U.S.A. from quality herbs sourced world wide and triple tested for purity

See the Back in Action herbal pain formula instructions page for recommended use, dosages, cautions, and ingredients.


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Type: Herb Drops

Vendor: Herbalogic

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