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There's enough to think about outside during spring. Sneezing shouldn't be one of them.

Springtime Allergies?

Easy Breather can help!

There's regular outside. And then there's springtime outside - crashing through trees and brush. Even the strongest immune system can succumb to allergens like seasonal pollen, grass and other airborne irritants when you spend more time than usual outside trying to shake off cabin fever.

Originally developed to help Texans struggling with cedar pollen, Easy Breather combines herbs traditionally used to support the immune system and promote a normal upper respiratory response for people sensitive to trees and grass, & mold. Easy Breather helps nourish the body's natural defenses and encourage healthy nose, sinus, and eye function when faced with seasonal changes, travel, or stress. Use in environments containing airborne irritants, such as urban pollution, dust, smog, and mold.*

All Natural Plant-Based Formula

  • No artificial colors of flavors
  • Made without caustic solvents
  • No additives, fillers or flow agents

Made in the U.S.A.

  • Made in Oregon in a cGMP facility
  • Using natural spring water
  • Using sugar cane based alcohol
  • Using the highest quality ingredients sourced world wide

Tradition Plus Science

  • Made using traditional methods and formulations
  • Always made from whole herbs, never pre-processed powders
  • Combining traditional ingredients with the latest science

Liquid & Capsule Available

  • Liquids can be used for fast absorption
  • Liquids can be taken straight or diluted in water
  • Capsules can be used for sustained effect
  • Capsules are easy to swallow gel caps

Allergy Support Supplements

Herbalogic Easy Breather Herb Drops 2 oz bottle bottle for nose and sinus health, natural allergy support
Herbalogic Easy Breather Herb Capsules 30 count bottle bottle for nose and sinus health, natural allergy support

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David Jones
Herbalogic Co-founder & Chief Herb Nerd

"One of my favorite things about Easy Breather is watching the look on people's faces when they start to feel it work as quickly as it does."

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