Collection: Peak Power™ Series Herbal Formulas for Energy and Adrenal Health

Achieve sustained energy and improved physical performance naturally with support from Herbalogic Peak Power Herb Drops and Peak Power K2 Herb Capsules.*  

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These days, every corner store seems overstocked with "quick fix" energy products. Many promise a short-term boost. Unfortunately, they do boost with sugar, caffeine, or other stimulants, some of which can be harmful when used over time.

Peak Power Herbal Series takes a different approach. Our formulas are designed to create consistent and sustained improvement in physical performance, energy, and stamina over time. It's not a stimulant — it won't give you a "rush" of nervous energy or keep you from sleeping. Instead, it works by increasing your body's ability to absord the nutrients provided by a healthy diet and improve oxygen absorption.* Unlike short-acting energy shots, Peak Power's effects build up over time, based on traditional Chinese medicine. Peak Power is completely free of caffeine, sugar, and high-fructose corn syrup, and it contains no ephedra or guarana.

Peak Power Herb Drops contain herbs to combat adrenal fatigue and generalized weariness to help you overcome exhaustion and promote higher levels of sustained energy.

Peak Power K2 Herb Capsules are named after the second highest mountain in the world, called K2, that is the hardest to climb. Size ain't everything, Everest. Peak Power K2 is the Peak Power formula combined with the Fixed Focus formula, for a combination of grounded energy and focus.