Peacekeeper Series Formulas

Support for PMS Mood Swings and Pain

Hormonal imbalances that accompany monthly periods can put women on a wild rollercoaster ride of mood swings, pain, and misery that affects both them and those they love. Our Peacekeeper™ series of herbal formulas takes the edge off of PMS or PMDD, so you can stay your sweet, lovable self all month long.

Herbal Treatment for PMS Mood Swings: Peacekeeper Herb Drops from Herbalogic
Peacekeeper Herb Drops

For moodiness without pain, choose Peacekeeper herb drops to even out emotional extremes and support a positive, carefree mood.

Natural PMS Relief for Pain and Mood Swings: Peacekeeper CX Capsules from Herbalogic
Peacekeeper CX Capsules

For mood issues that come with pain from cramps and breast tenderness, go for our new Peacekeeper CX dual-action capsules.




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