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Feeling angry, frustrated, and tense? Herbalogic Decompress and Herbalogic Decompress MX provide natural, plant-based support for a healthy response to stressful situations that cause irritability, easing anger and irritability naturally.*  

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Stress and tension are part of life, but sometimes they can be too much, and damage your phsical health and relationships. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, or being more short-tempered and aggravated than usual, release the pressure with Herbalogic Decompress. This natural stress and tension formula was created to round off the sharp emotional edges, mellow the mind, lift the spirits, and ease tension. Based on one of the most frequently used herbal formulas in the Chinese herbal tradition, Xiao Yao San, its name translates as "Free and Easy Wanderer Formula," evoking the relaxed, stress-free state of a person with no heavy burdens or pressing responsibilities. Wouldn't that be nice?

Decompress Herb Drops are fast-acting, and can be used in the midst of stressful situations.

Decompress MX Herb Capsules provide long-lasting maximum stress relief and support emotional stability. Both provide best results when used daily as part of a healthy lifestyle.