Peak Power Herb Drops

Peak Power™ is a stimulant-free natural energy formula that contains powerful herbs that support greater oxygen uptake, enhance physical stamina, and combat adrenal fatigue and general weariness.*

Peak Power is a proprietary blend of herbs for energy that support:

  • »   improved physical stamina and vitality
  • »   relief from low energy levels and weakness
  • »   recovery from over-exertion, exhaustion, and weariness
  • »   relief from afternoon dullness
  • »   avoidance of and recovery from "altitude sickness"
  • »   healthy digestion when fatigued


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Peak Power: Instructions for Use

Peak Power builds on several classic Chinese herbal formulas used to improve stamina and recover from over-exertion. It also supports healthy immune and cardiovascular function in people feeling worn down by the pressures of daily life. Peak Power is not a stimulant that gives you a short burst of artificial energy and then leaves you feeling exhausted. While it often works noticeably fast, it is intended to produce sustained improvement in energy levels and stamina when taken routinely over time. When used in conjunction with Back in Action, the two provide a powerful herbal regimen for active lifestyles.*

  • Indications
    Use when feeling fatigued or depleted to speed the return to healthy energy levels, especially after exercise or illness. Take before, during, and after engaging in high-energy activities, such as working out, sports competitions, or sustained physical labor to increase and bio-availability of oxygen and support healthy metabolic function. Use when traveling or exercising in higher elevations or in low-oxygen environments to support increased blow flood and bioavailability of oxygen to tissues. May protect against the effects of altitude sickness when taken several days before traveling to high elevations.

  • Recommended Use
    Shake well and take 1 mL (about 20 drops or half a dropper full) per 50 lbs. of body weight by mouth two to three times per day, or as directed by your healthcare professional. If taste is too strong, add to a small amount (one to two ounces) of room temperature water or other liquid and drink.

    Alternate Serving Sizes & Frequency
    As with all concentrated herb drops, start with the recommended or smaller serving size and increase as needed. If Peak Power is not effective after three days at the recommended serving size, increase frequency to 4 times daily before increasing the volume of a single serving. If needed, then increase the serving to 1.5 mL or 30 drops per 50 pounds of body weight. For children under age 12 and adults weighing less than 100 lbs., the maximum recommended serving size is 20 drops 3 times daily. For children under age 8, the maximum serving is 15 drops 3 times daily. For children under age 6, the maximum serving is 10 drops 3 times daily. Not for use in children under age 3.

  • Ingredients
    Zizyphus jujube (fruit), Astragalus (root), Poria (whole herb), White peony (root), Chinese angelica (root head), Ophiopogon (tuber), Rehmannia (fresh root), Atractylodes (rhizome) bai-zhu, American ginseng (root), Szechuan lovage (root), Ginger (fresh rhizome), Schisandra (fruit) & Licorice (root) honey-fried

    Other Ingredients
    filtered water, ethyl alcohol from sugarcane (less than 17% by packaged volume), USP pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerin

  • Cautions & Contraindications
    It's important to use Peak Power as intended to promote maximum health. Please follow these guidelines:

    • Peak Power should not be used to provide a quick fix for overwork or excessive exertion; it is formulated to provide sustained improvement in energy and performance over the course of several weeks.
    • Do not use Peak Power in cases of fatigue caused by acute infection or illness.

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