Peak Power Herb Drops

Peak Power™ is a stimulant-free natural energy formula that contains powerful herbs that support greater oxygen uptake, enhance physical stamina, and combat adrenal fatigue and general weariness. Whether you're worn down from overwork, over-exercise, keeping up with the kids, or recent illness, Peak Power supports your body's natural energy production to help overcome low energy and exhaustion. For those experiencing adrenal fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome, regular and consistent use of Peak Power can restore normal energy levels in conjunction with a nutritious diet and adequate sleep. For amateur and professional athletes, the adaptogenic herbs in Peak Power can promote improved oxygen bioavailability to muscles and organs, leading to greater levels of sustained energy and faster recovery times, especially at higher altitudes.*

Peak Power is a proprietary blend of herbs for energy that support:

  • »   improved physical stamina and vitality
  • »   relief from low energy levels and weakness
  • »   recovery from over-exertion, exhaustion, and weariness
  • »   relief from afternoon dullness
  • »   avoidance of and recovery from "altitude sickness"
  • »   healthy digestion when fatigued
When to Use Peak Power

Use Peak Power whenever you feel worn down or exhausted and need too restore natural energy levels. Take before, during, and after engaging in high-energy activities, such as working out, sports competitions, or sustained physical labor to increase and bio-availability of oxygen and support healthy metabolic function. Use to aid recovery after strenuous activity or energy depletion. Use when traveling or engaging in sports activities at high altitudes, such as hiking, running, skiing, and mountain climbing, when flying in unpressurized aircraft, or when active in other low-oxygen environments. Combine with our Back in Action muscle repair formula to promote faster recovery times between workouts or other strenuous events.

For information on dosing, cautions, and ingredients, visit the section for Peak Power herbs for energy on our instructions page.


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