Herbalogic Decompress™ MX Capsules

Decompress MX for stress and mood support combines powerful natural mood stabilizers to help you get through your day in a lovable way. Beyond herbs to promote a healthy mood response to stress and to ease tension headaches, Decompress MX contains botanical mood enhancers to lift those experiencing temporary depressed or “blue” moods.*
Traditional Functions

The herbal ingredients in Decompress MX have been used historically to:

reduce temper and anger flare-ups;
lessen feelings of being "down" or "blue";
promote a positive mood response to stress;
moderate muscle stiffness and occasional pain;
relieve stress and tension headaches.

Complete Herbal Supplement Ingredients and Instructions ▸▸

Mood enhancers and mood stabilizers: Decompress MX for Maximum Mood Swing Support Contain Herbs for Stress. Now Available in a Dual-Action Herbal Capsules.Alcohol-free Decompress MX capsules support normal mood in those feeling blue or depressed, and in those suffering emotional ups and downs caused by PMS or PMDD.Anger, tension headaches, anxiety, irritation, moodiness, and temporary depression are all helped by the natural herbs for stress in Decompress MX capsules. Vegetarian Herbal Mood EnhancersWheat Free Natural Stress Treatment and Mood Stabilizer Supplement for PMS and PMDD.Soy Free Mood Support for Stress-Related Anger, Tension Headaches, Irritability, Sadness, Grief, Depression, and PMS or PMDD symptoms.Dairy Free Herbal Supplements for Treatment of Mood Swings and Stress and Tension HeadachesNatural Herbs for Stressful Mood Relief, PMS, PMDD, and More: Stabilize moods with Decompress MX Herbal Stress Response. Triple Tested for Purity. Remedy for severe mood swings.Natural Mood Enhancer and Stress Headache Relievers Made in the U.S.A. Stress Management Remedies, Anger Management Herbs: Herbal Supplement Satisfaction Guaranteed

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