Herbalogic Return & Refund Policy

Finding dietary supplements that are right for your health needs can be tricky. We understand. Not all formulations are going to work for all people. We try to make the refund and return process as hassle free as possible.

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How to get a refund for products purchased from Herbalogic.com

  • Please contact us within 60 days of receipt of the product.
  • orders@herbalogic.com is who you need to contact or (512) 895-9595
  • We will issue a refund for your product when 1 of 3 conditions is met.  
    • We receive the product back in our facility
    • You provide a new tracking number for us
    • The old tracking number indicates that it is on the way.
  • Technically, we offer refunds with no questions asked, but we might ask some questions when you call or write. We genuinely want to improve and part of that is getting to know how people use our products. None of the questions or answers will affect whether you get a refund.

How to get a refund for products purchased from Amazon.com

You are going to have to work through the Amazon return process.

How to get a refund for products purchased from a retail store

You will have to return the product where you originally purchased the product. Different retailers have different requirements as far receipts and refunds versus store credits.

How to get a refund for products damaged during shipping

Even though we pack our bottles like we are sending them to survive a war zone during an earthquake, occasionally, glass breaks.  The best thing to do is let us know as soon as possible.

  • Take a picture of the damage and email it to us.  We need this to show the post office so we can get a refund on the shipping that we paid. We trust you, the post office doesn’t trust us. 
  • Let us know soon, so that we can get another bottle headed your way.
  • orders@herbalogic.com is the best email address for this.

“I got notified that my package has been delivered but I don’t have it.”

This does happen sometimes and here is how we generally handle it.

  • Packages get misdelivered all the time. It might help to take a look around the area to see if it didn’t end up in bushes or behind something, (this solves about 50% of this issue) if you can’t seem to find it…
  • There is a good chance that it got delivered to a neighbor. If you are on good terms with your neighbors, it might be worth a knock on the door to see if they have your package, or posting to a neighborhood group can often find lost packages.
  • If your tracking says delivered but you can’t find it, we find that giving it 2 days to show up often works. It might have been delivered to a neighbor who is really busy and hasn’t had time to walk the package over to you, but most of the time these packages show up in 2 days but if it doesn’t…
  • Your package might have been lost or stolen and that just plain stinks so…
  • We are happy to reship your package.  Just let us know orders@herbalogic.com or (512) 895-9595