Collection: Herbs for Mood Swings & Emotional Support

Mood swings come in all shapes and sizes, from a mild cases of pre-presentation jitters to full-blown road rage. Herbalogic makes a number of herbal remedies for mood swings that use all-natural plant-based extracts to support a normal emotional response to stress, worry, anger, and more.


If you're a candidate for anger management, this formula's for you. The herbs for stress in Decompress are chosen for their ability to release pent up frustrations safely, help unclench those aching jaws, and turn down the heat that threatens to pop your cork clean into geosynchronous orbit. (Yes, it's that good.) And since you're likely the impatient type, try placing the drops directly beneath your tongue and holding for a few seconds before swallowing. You'll be whistling your way through the day in no time. (Assuming you can whistle.)


For women whose monthly periods pack an emotional punch, Peacekeeper is a powerful friend to have. Peacekeeper uses many of the same herbs for anger and aggravation found in our Decompress formula, so it's perfect for those irritable days when every little thing feels like a stinging nettle brushing your bare skin. But we've taken mood swing relief to the next level with three additional herbs for explosive anger, sadness, and manic response. Try it, and stay your sweet, lovable self all month long.

Quiet Mind

We all have times when the voices in our heads just won't quit. Not voices we think are real, but the internal critics, the naggers, the hand-wringing worrywarts who natter on about all we need to do, all we failed to do, and all the things that could possibly be done to us. It borders on full-fledged anxiety, even panic, and there's an herbal solution for it: Quiet Mind. Take this herbal tincture and within minutes you should experience an unraveling of tangled thoughts and a quieting of the raucous internal lchatter the Buddhists call "monkey mind." Great as a meditation and yoga aid.