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Herb Capsules: No Taste. Alcohol-Free

Liquid herbal tinctures may be the best extraction and delivery method for medicinal herbs, but not everyone finds their alcohol content and herbaceous taste appealing. To bypass such sensitivities, dried herbs have long been ground to powder and encapsulated. But they have one drawback; the body needs to do the heavy work of extracting the phytochemicals in herb powders, and it can take awhile before the effects are noticed.

Our new DropCaps take an innovative approach by combining alcohol-free concentrates of our herb drops with ground versions of the same dried herbs. The result is a vegetarian capsule that delivers its herbal payload in two stages: an initial, fast-acting dose of "liquid" herbs, and a second, extended release as the powdered herbs are absorbed over time.

Six Herbalogic formulas are now available in a new kind of vegetarian capsule format.