Q & A

Chinese herbs are relatively new to Western consumers, and they can be mysterious at first. Below are answers to the questions we get most. If you don't find the answer to your questions here, send us a message and we'll answer it as soon as we can.

Do your formulas contain gluten, dairy, or soy products?
All Herbalogic products are wheat-, gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free. Even the alcohol used in the tincturing process is made from sugarcane.

Do you ship outside the United States?
We can ship to Canada when the supplements are for personal use. Unfortunately, regulations on the sale of herbal supplements to other countries have changed in recent years and are still in flux, making it difficult and expensive for smaller companies like ours to comply with the varying packaging and labeling requirements economically. If you live outside the United States and Canada and would like to receive Herbalogic products, please call us at 512-895-9595 to discuss options for your location.

Just what are “herb drops?”
Herb drops are concentrated extractions of medicinal herbs taken orally. Similar to a strong herbal tea preserved naturally in a small amount of sugarcane-based alcohol, herb drops can be either diluted in a small amount of liquid or placed undiluted under the tongue ("sublingually") and held there for a few seconds before swallowing. Our herb drops are all-natural, using only carefully sourced ingredients, and are manufactured and bottled in the U.S.A.

What are DropCaps?
Most capsules are simply containers for powdered dried herbs, and they rely on digestion to draw out the herbal goodness. But that means they work slowly — it can be hours or even days before results begin to be seen. We wanted something better, so we created a dual-action capsule that combines the faster-acting properties of our liquid formulas with the extended release action of dried raw herbs. Our liquid herb drops are still the faster way to get relief, but DropCaps come in a close second, and they have the added benefit of lasting hours longer. Plus, they're alcohol-free and flavorless, making them suitable for people with taste and alcohol sensitivities.

Where do you get your herbs?
All but one of our herbs come from China. Our American Ginseng (a.k.a. Xi Yang Shen) comes from Wisconsin.

Are your herbs safe?
We take the purity of the herbs we use seriously. We buy from reputable farmers, and our herb buyers frequently go to China to visit the farms in person. In addition, our herbs are tested three times: at the point of export, upon receipt, and after processing into their final liquid form. Independent testing ensures they are free of pesticides, microbial contamination, and heavy metals.

Do you use any animal products in your formulas?
Traditional medicine, including Chinese herbal medicine, uses many ingredients derived from animals, some of them of questionable origin and efficacy. We choose to make all our formulas using only plant-based ingredients with two exceptions for which an herbal equivalent is not available. These involve the use of deer antler in our Back in Action herbal pain formula and cicada molting in our Easy Breather nose and sinus formula. Both of these ingredients are mineralizations harvested after they have been naturally produced and shed by live, healthy animals, and their collection does not harm or interfere with the animals in any way. This is a particularly important distinction to make with regard to deer antler, which in other cases is removed from farmed animals by veterinarians rather than gathered after the horns are dropped naturally each year.

Are your products organic?
Organic certification standards are not uniformly established in Chinese farming. So, while our herbs are not organic, we do take great care to buy them from small farms which use traditional methods that have proven sustainable for generations.

Can I give your products to my children?
With the exception of our Solid Eight herbal sleep formula, Herbalogic herb drops are safe for children at least three years old, but the doses and frequency should be adjusted. Please see the Instructions page of this website for Alternate Dosages and Frequency for each specific formula. We do not recommend giving Solid Eight to children younger than 12 years old.

How do I remove the alcohol from your herb drops?
Boil some water and add your dose of herb drops to a couple of ounces while the water is still piping hot. Let the mixture stand for a few minutes to allow the alcohol to evaporate and the liquid to cool before administering.