Collection: Solid Eight Series Herbal Formulas for Occasional Sleeplessness

Nothing makes the daily grind bearable quite as much as a good night's sleep. And nothing makes it unbearable faster than a terrible night's sleep. Poor sleep affects mood, memory, concentration, weight gain, immune response and overall performance. Getting a sufficient amount of quality sleep every night might be the single best thing you can do for your health. Solid Eight can help.*  

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Whether you have trouble falling asleep at the beginning of the night, or trouble staying asleep through the night, Solid Eight can help. These natural plant based products are free from valerian root and safe for nightly use without fear of next day grogginess.

Solid Eight Herb Drops are fast-acting, and can be used either at the beginning of the night or during the night if waking with difficulty returning to sleep is a problem.

Solid Eight Herb Capsules provide longer-lasting effect and are typically used at teh beginning of the night with additional support from the herb drops during the night as necessary. Because these herbal formulas do not contain sedatives, they will not "knock you out" but rather help quiet your brain from the stresses of the day and help you sleep naturally, providing quality, restful sleep.