Herbalogic Rewards

Herbalogic's Love Club rewards customers with discount coupons for online purchases, referrals, social sharing, and more.

The Herbalogic Love Club is simple to join and use!

Sign Up

Click the green button on the bottom right corner of this page that says ": Love Club :" Then create an account. 

Sign In

Already got an account but don't see your balance on the right hand side of the screen? Probably you need to login. Same deal, green button on the lower right corner. But you want to choose the log in option. 

Earn Points

You automatically earn points on every purchase. We love our customers so much, we'll give you points for past orders! 

Get Bonus Points

Click that green button again. There's a list on the left of how to earn points and bonus points. Stuff like:

  • earn 10 points for every dollar you spend (that's worth 10% off!)
  • earn 200 points for creating a new account
  • earn 1,100 points when you make your 10th purchase
  • earn 500 points for each friend you refer who makes a purchase

Redeem Points for Discounts

Every 500 points gets you a $5.00 discount at herbalogic.com. If you have points, that's like... 8, 9, carry the one... wait, do we multiple or divide? ... well that's a lot like math. Thank goodness the computer will sort it all out.

When you claim a reward, we'll send you an email with your discount code! 

Please Take Note!

Our checkout process only permits one discount code to be entered at a time. Only one reward may be redeemed per order. Choose wisely. Points are good for purchases only on Herbalogic.com and may not be redeemed for cold hard cash. (But you probably guessed that already, didn't you? Smartypants.)

Your Love Club Account

Logged in users will see their points balance and referral link below. Don't see anything? Log in or sign up here.

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