Formula Training

Want to know a little more about what goes into Herbalogic formulas? Check out the videos below. Led by our intrepid herbalist, Dave Jones, each delves deeper into the history and ingredients of one of our popular products. We'll be adding to the video library as they are completed, so bookmark our page and check back to see what's new.

Back in Action Basics

Herbs for Muscle Pain and Soreness

Decompress Basics

Herbs for Stress and Tension

Easy Breather Basics

Herbs for Allergy Support

Fixed Focus Basics

Herbs for Focus and Concentration

Flashback Basics

Herbs for Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

Peacekeeper Basics

Herbs for Mood Swings

Peak Power Basics

Herbs for Energy and Performance

Quiet Mind Basics

Herbs for Anxiety and Worry Support

Solid Eight Basics

Herbs for Sleep Issues

Dosing Basics

Guidelines: How Much, How Often