The Herbalogic Holiday on Herbs Guide to Giving

Suddenly, the holidays are looming large, and for many of us that means last minute bouts of gladitorial shopping, winter weather travel, and fractious family gatherings. (Yes, ’tis the season for alliteration.) But, if anything can redeem the downside of holiday hecticism, it’s the chance to give the thoughtful gift. We asked our team here at Herbalogic for a few suggestions, one from our own catalog of nine herbal health formulas and one from beyond our shop. Hopefully, one or two may please the herb-lover in your life.

Robert W. Recommends

Decompress: The Liquid “Chill Pill”
Available from Herbalogic
Price: $26.95 (2 oz. bottle)
If your gift list includes people under a lot of stress, colleagues a little too wound up, or candidates for anger management therapy, don't be shy about giving them a bottle of Decompress. It's a natural alternative to those “mood enhancing” pills with the laundry list of side effects. In fact, Decompress is chock full of herbs for stress and tension, making it the perfect thing to tame the intense, teeth-grinders among us who need a major dose of mellow. And if the recipients heat up over the mere suggestion they might have a wigging-out problem, spike their eggnog with another dose and have some yourself. Everyone will thank you for it.
Mortar & Pestle by Magnus Lundström
Available from Wantful
Price: $79.00
“Whether you're crafting a cure or cooking a curry, every serious herb lover needs a good mortar and pestle. I've had at least a dozen, and for one reason or another they've all bit the dust. Then I discovered this black granite beauty. Heavy, but not massive, it has a wide base to steady the bowl under vigorous grinding. The pestle is generous in length, so it can be held in the fist instead of by the fingers, as happens with shorter versions. And the minimal form of the mortar is so perfectly simple and proportional it begs to be seen and admired. Sure, it's $80. But something tells me this classic piece is an heirloom in the making.

Jeanine A. Recommends

Back in Action: How Militant Monks Mend Many Muscles
Available from Herbalogic
Price: $29.00 (2 oz. bottle)
Here’s one for the overdoers in your life. You know, the ones who get a little too ambitious with the yard work, or who try to shovel through that 8-foot high drift of wet snow with a kitchen spatula, then spend the next four days moaning each time they breathe. Back in Action is Herbalogic’s muscle recovery formula, and it’s packed with the same 23 herbs for muscle pain and soreness used by martial arts masters of the Shaolin Temple. (Rest in peace, Grasshopper.) But you don’t need to lose an MMA cage match to use it. Back in Action is perfect for weekend warriors, sore seniors, and triathletes in training, too. And it couldn't be a more appropriate Christmas gift; it's made with frankincense and myrrh.
Herbalogic Café Style Tea for One
Available from For Life
Price: $32.00
If your list includes a deserving herbal tea lover, chances are he or she already has a nice tea pot at home. But workplace breakrooms are generally coffee-centric. So I'm a fan of this personal tea pot with a lidded infuser that gives you complete loose-leaf control over your tea break. It's also compact enough to keep at your desk, which I recommend, since it will be coveted by the office tea pirates. Available in several colors so you can coordinate it with just about any cubicle décor.

Matt M. Recommends

Peak Power: A Lift Ticket for Energy Levels
Available from Herbalogic
Price: $24.00 (2 oz. bottle)
If you still have a TV, you’ve probably seen those commercials pushing the answer for low “T.” Well, think of Peak Power as the answer to low “E,” the general fatigue and weariness that amount to a personal energy crisis for more than just men of a certain age. The adaptogenic herbs in this formula promote consistent and sustained improvement in energy, physical performance, and stamina over time — but without nasty stimulants. That’s right, Peak Power won't give you a "rush" of nervous energy or keep you from sleeping. Instead, it works by increasing the bioavailability of things your body uses to produce energy naturally, namely good old oxygen and the nutrients provided by a healthy diet. And there’s an added bonus: the same mechanism that delivers more oxygen to your muscles and brain takes altitude sickness down a serious notch or two, making it the perfect gift for any skiier, snow boarder, and mountaineer on your “nice” list.

Dave J. Recommends

Easy Breather: The Pollen-Hater’s FriendAvailable from Herbalogic
Price: $24.00 (2 oz. bottle)
Let’s face it. We all need to breathe. So wouldn’t the gift of uncongested airflow be an inspired choice for the respirationally challenged? Easy Breather was created to soften the blow of seasonal assaults on the sinuses, nose, and eyes, especially those caused by cedar pollen in the Southwest. But it equally rescues ravaged passages from other kinds of pollen, as well as from dust, pollution, mold, and smoke. Give the gift of a sniffleless season to someone whose sinuses you care about. Easy Breather is a friend of the body's immune system too, making it the patron saint of frequent fliers.
Herbalogic Ohaus Triple Beam Mechanical Balance
Available on eBay
Price: $182.00
“I can't tell you how much I love having a good scale. I have used this model for years to weigh herbs, but because it has a scoop I have also used it to weigh flour and even small amounts of liquids. There are no batteries to run out, so this mechanical beauty will have you weighing herbs long after the zombie apocalypse.”
Krups Coffee/Spice Grinder
Available everywhere. Found on The Gourmet Depot 
Price: $19.95
“Doesn't matter if you are using herbs in your Hungarian goulash or making folk medicine with them, getting herbs from whole form to a ground state can be a chore. Having a good quality grinder reserved for use with herbs can be a real time saver. $20 will get a good one, like this model from Krups.”
Herbalogic Horizon Herbs Seed Catalog
Available from Horizon Herbs
Price: Free
“If you're buying a gift for someone interested in growing medicinal herbs, there is no finer catalogue than Horizon seeds. The gynostemma I ordered from there was top notch and they have the greatest variety of "starter packs" I have ever seen. Go online and check out the Snowdon seed collection which is perfect for a winter garden in Texas or spring in the North. And if you want to grow one of six types of Ephedra or your own Angelica, this is the place to find it.”
Herblaogic herbal formulas can be purchased on our site or at a growing list of enlightened retailers and alternative medicine practitioners.
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