Decompress Herb Drops

When the pressures of modern life become difficult to shake off, this fast-acting, natural, and safe herbal remedy for stress supports a speedy return to a normal, less stressful emotional state.* Based on the most widely used herbal formula in Chinese medicine, the herbs for stress in Decompress are traditionally taken to:

  • » reduce irritability, short temper, and anger
  • » ease feelings of being overwhelmed
  • » promote a healthy, positive mood in response to stress
  • » moderate muscle stiffness and occasional pain
  • » support healthy digestion in stressful times
  • » assist in seasonal mood support
Made in the USA to Exacting Standards of Quality

All liquid herb drops from Herbalogic are carefully made in small batches using on five basic ingredients: the best herbs available, mineral-rich spring water, premium alcohol from sugarcane, and pharmaceutical-grade 100% vegetable glycerin. In addition, they are:

  • » minimally processed using centuries-old tincturing methods
  • » made from mix of wild harvested and sustainably farmed herbs
  • » free of soy, wheat, gluten, animal products, and anything artificial
  • » triple-tested for purity and safety (heavy metal, pesticide, and microbial)
  • » made in the U.S.A. from quality ingredients sourced world wide
See the Decompress natural stress and tension relief formula instructions page for recommended use, dosages, cautions, and ingredients.



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Type: Herb Drops

Vendor: Herbalogic

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