Herbalogic Back in Action™ XT Capsules

Herbalogic's new Back in Action XT capsules take our liquid herbal formula for temporary muscle soreness and joint pain to a new level. Turmeric root and corydalis root are now the main ingredients for superior, natural anti-inflammatory and pain support. If you experience sore, aching muscles, tendons, or joints due to exercise, overwork, or injury, this natural supplement can promote relief from uncomfortable inflammation and ease pain during recovery.* 
Traditional Functions:

The herbal ingredients in Back in Action XT have been used historically to:

ease pain in sore, overworked or injured muscles; 
reduce inflammation in tendons and soft tissues; 
relieve pain from aching, inflamed joints; 
 support muscle repair after overuse or injury. 

Natural anti-inflammatory and pain relief formula with turmeric and corydalis: Herbalogic Back in Action XT CapsulesTurmeric, corydalis, and 21 herbs blended to ease sore muscles after workout: Wheat Free Back in Action XT Herb CapsulesSoy-Free Joint Pain Remedy with Natural Anti-Inflammatory Herbs Including Turmeric and Curcumin Dairy-Free Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Supplement for Natural Pain Relief in Muscles and Joints with Corydalis and TurmericFight Muscle Soreness and Inflammation Fast with Back in Action XT Herbal Supplement: Triple Tested for Purity. Contains turmeric and corydalis.Stop Back Pain, Joint Pain, Muscle Pain with Anti-inflammatory Herbs for Muscle Soreness. Now with more turmeric and corydalis root. Made in the U.S.A.Remedies with Anti-Inflammatory Herbs like Turmeric for Sore Muscles after Exercise and Workout — Satisfaction Guaranteed

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