Solid Eight Herb Drops | Facts & Instructions

Support for Deep, Restful Sleep

Solid Eight Herb Drops contain natural herbs used traditionally to promote restful, recuperative sleep, without next-day grogginess or side effects, allowing you to wake refreshed and ready to face the day.*

  • Indications
    Use Solid Eight at bedtime when you can’t sleep, or when you wake in the night and are unable to return to sleep, to promote relaxation and quiet a "busy brain." At lower doses, Solid Eight may be used in the daytime to ease the irritability, restlessness, and nervousness that may accompany stress. Use only for occasional sleeplessness not associated with a diagnosed sleep disorder.

  • Recommended Use
    Shake well and take 20 drops (1 mL) or half a dropper full per 50 pounds of body weight by mouth 20 minutes before bedtime, or as directed by your healthcare professional. For daytime use, reduce the serving size to 10 drops (.5mL) and take two to three times per day. For fastest results, hold under the tongue for a minute before swallowing. If taste is too strong, dilute first in a small amount of room temperature water or other liquid. For those sensitive to alcohol, place drops in heated water and allow to cool; most of the alcohol will evaporate.

    Alternate Dosages & Frequency
    If sleep is not achieved at the recommended serving size, increase the serving size as needed up to 40 drops (2 mL) per 50 pounds of body weight for adults and 20 drops (1 mL) per 50 pounds for children under 12. If Solid Eight is not effective at the recommended dose for reducing daytime irritability, restlessness or nervousness caused by stress, increase the dosage frequency to four times daily before increasing the volume of a single dose. Not for use by pregnant or nursing women or by children under age 12.

  • Ingredients
    Zizyphus jujube (seed), Patrinia (whole herb), Anemarrhena (rhizome), Poria (whole herb), Szechuan lovage (root) & Licorice (root)

    Other Ingredients
    Filtered water, ethyl alcohol from sugarcane (less than 17% by packaged volume), USP pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerin 

  • Cautions & Contraindications
    It's important to use Solid Eight herb drops as intended to promote maximum health. In addition to the General Cautions for All Formulas section, please follow these guidelines:

    • Do not combine Solid Eight with other products intended to promote healthy sleep or pharmaceuticals intended to treat insomnia.
    • Do not drive or operate machinery withing six hours of taking Solid Eight.
    • Do not combine Solid Eight with excessive alcohol consumption.
    • Do not use Solid Eight if poor sleep is a result of sleep apnea.

Herbal Sleep Aids. Get a naturally deep sleep with herbs for sleep in Solid Eight Herb Drops by Herbalogic.