Solid Eight Herb Drops

Need help sleeping and looking for a powerful natural sleep aid that really works? Solid Eight™ from Herbalogic combines several herbs for sleep that have long been used in Chinese herbal medicine.* But Solid Eight updates the classic herbal sleep formulas by adding patrinia, an herb not traditionally used to induce sleep, but which new research shows can be twice as sedating as valerian root.

By combining patrinia with five other safe and effective herbs, Solid Eight helps you sleep faster and sleep deeper, but without leaving you groggy or drowsy the next day. That’s because Solid Eight contains non-narcotic, non-habit-forming plant compounds that work by targeting the full range of things that can keep you awake.

Solid Eight gently supports natural sleep, not medicated sleep. This formula blends several herbs to:

  • »   promote deep relaxation
  • »   quiet racing thoughts
  • »   ease irritability and tension
  • »   calm restless fidgeting
  • »   lower body temperature to cool night sweats, and
  • »   reduce dreams that disturb sleep
When to Use Solid Eight Herbal Sleep Aid

Use Solid Eight whenever you have difficulty falling asleep, or when you wake in the night and can't get back to sleep. This non-habit forming natural sleep formula acts quickly and without lingering drowsiness or grogginess, so it can be taken even when you have to be fully awake and alert within a couple of hours, whether on nights when you get to bed late or in the daytime when you need a power nap. Solid Eight also provides excellent herbal sleep support for travelers who need to sleep on airplane flights or who travel across time zones and have trouble sleeping because of jet lag.

View the Instructions page to learn about the herbs for sleep used in Solid Eight, dosing instructions, and more.


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Type: Herb Drops

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