Herbalogic Products Featured in L Style G Style Magazine

Four Herbalogic products we're featured in the wellness sections of the March/April 2012 issue of L Style G Style magazine. Solid Eight, our herbal sleep formula, was profiled (under its former name, Deep Sleeper), as were our Peak Power herbal energy formula, Decompress stress and tension formula, and Easy Breather, our cedar-fever-beating nose and sinus formula. Together they received two pages of coverage in the innovative publication penned by Christopher Carbone. Herbalogic Formulas for Sleep, Energy, Stress, and Allergy Support Featured in L Style G Style MagazineHelmed by Lynn Yeldell and Alisa Weldon, the Austin-based magazine is the authoritative lifestyle publication of the gay and lesbian communities. The magazine layout reflects its dual, connected audiences; it's designed to be flippable, with two sections and two covers, allowing it to organize content to focus on each community. 

About Third Coast Herb Company — Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Third Coast Herb Company develops, manufactures, and markets concentrated liquid herb formulas based on centuries of Chinese herbal medicine practice under the Herbalogic brand. Each formula addresses a common health concern with a powerful combination of functional herbs long used to support the body's natural return to a healthy, balanced state. The formulas address back and muscle pain, stress and tension, menopausal hot flashes, nervous worry and agitation, nose and sinus issues, mental focus and concentration, energy and performance, trouble sleeping, and periodic mood swings related to PMS. Herbalogic formulas are sold through a network of complimentary medicine practitioners, as well as in health-related retail stores in Texas and across the Southwest. All Herbalogic formulas are made in the U.S.A. to exacting standards of quality. 

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