Herbalogic Fixed Focus™ Herb Drops

Fixed Focus combines two adaptogenic herbs and L-theanine rich white tea, ingredients traditionally used to support improved focus, mental clarity, concentration, and attention span while reducing sensitivity to distractions. The perfect brain food for adults, teens, and children over six who need to stay focused and productive at work or school.*
Traditional Functions.

The ingredients in Fixed Focus Herb Drops have been used historically to:

 support focused attention and concentration;
 promote mental clarity and alertness;
reduce susceptibility to distractions.

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Fixed Focus herb drops are liquid extracts of functional herbs long used in Chinese herbalism (TCM)to assist with concentration and mental focus. If you have trouble concentrating or staying on task, Fixed Focus offers a gentle, natural alternative to help you concentrate longer when it matters most.Fixed Focus from Herbalogic is a vegetarianWheat-free Fixed Focus herbal tincture from Herbalogic naturally supports concentration, alertness, and focus. An effective aid when studying, taking tests like finals and midterms, or doing other tasks where attention to detail is critical to success.Fixed Focus herb drops are soy-free, containing a concentrated extract of two herbal adaptogens and premium grade silver needle white tea, a good source of antioxidants and the amino acid L-theanine. Dairy-free Fixed Focus from Herbalogic is an herbal remedy for short attention span, mental clarity, and concentration. Use these natural plant-based formulas as work and study aids and to help support mental performance when reading, taking mid-term and final exams and standardized tests, making presentations, doing taxes, or performing other brain-intensive tasks.Fixed Focus formulas are made from non-GMO ingredients and triple tested for purity, ensuring a safe and effective herbal supplement for enhancing mental performance.All Herbalogic natural herbal supplements are made in the U.S.A. from quality ingredients sourced world wide. Fixed Focus is the choice of acupuncturists, herbalists, and other alternative and complimentary healthcare professionals for gentle support of calm, focussed mental concentration. Herbalogic guarantees your satisfaction with all our natural supplements for common health concerns.

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