Stand Down: Extreme Stress and Mood Support

Stand Down is part of our line of Professional Series formulas available through licensed healthcare practitioners. Please check our list of Herbalogic Practitioners to find a clinic near you that carries Herbalogic products.

PTSD and extreme stress support is available as an herbal formula called Stand Down from Herbalogic.

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National Center for PTSD
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What is Stand Down for Extreme Stress?

Hypervigilance, sleeplessness. short temper, and mood swings can follow very intense events. This extra-strength blend of functional herbs promotes a return to a calm, healthy state.* Based on the highly developed system of Chinese herbal medicine, Stand Down contains concentrated botanical extracts traditionally used to:

  • » calm and quiet racing thoughts
  • » reduce extreme stress and tension
  • » promote deep relaxation and healthy mood, and
  • » support restful and recuperative sleep

Is Stand Down Right for You?

Many of us have high-stress jobs or personal circumstances that impact our normal mood and behavior in adverse ways, making us easily irritated or angry, or winding us up until we experience tension neck and head aches. But this is, more or less, "normal" stress. But more and more, Its seems extraordinary emotional stress has become a common part of life for all kinds of people. Who is most at risk?

  • » military members who have faced combat situations
  • » victims of abuse, sexual violence, and other violent crime
  • » survivors of natural and man-made disasters
  • » first responders and emergency personnel
  • » women who experience difficult childbirth

In most cases, it’s natural after traumatic events to feel some combination of unease, anger, frustration, or fear. It’s also normal to have difficulty sleeping or coping with what seem to be the mundane aspects of everyday life. On the other hand, for some, these intense events, especially when experienced repeatedly or over a long time, can result in troubling, even debilitating, aftereffects that don’t go away. Eventually, they may even develop into the complex interplay of symptoms often referred to as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a medical condition requiring professional treatment.

Herbalogic Stand Down was created especially for those seeking natural support for the most common outcomes of exposure to extremely stressful situations: sleeplessness, persistent alertness or hypervigilence, short temper, and racing thoughts.

How to Buy Stand Down

Because traumatic stress varies widely from person to person, Stand Down is part of our Professional Series line of formulas available through licensed healthcare practitioners, such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, and naturopaths, as well as through select herbal pharmacies.

After an initial consult, which may be performed in person or remotely at the practitioner’s discretion, patients may reorder from their practitioner, or the practitioner may contact Herbalogic to arrange for the patient to reorder directly through our online store.

Check our list of practitioners that carry Herbalogic in your area, or ask your local medical health professional to contact us to become an approved provider. We will respond quickly to any requests in order to help you receive Stand Down as quickly as possible.

Information for Practitioners

Stand Down is based on a formula called Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan (meaning "heavenly emperor's tonify the heart pill"). In Chinese medicine terminology, the classic formula contains herbs that tonify yin, tonify blood, move blood, clear heart heat, and calm the mind. Our version replaces three herbs with more powerful substitutes as well as supplements the traditional formula with additional herbs that tonify qi, promote sleep, support prolonged sleep, calm the mind, and harmonize the other herbs.

Acupuncture has already shown results as a natural remedy for PTSD-related issues. Stand Down is an excellent companion to needling and acupressure for the relief of extreme stress.

Dosage: Like most of Herbalogic products, Stand Down is a 5 to 1 extraction, and the standard dose is 1 ml (20 drops) per 50 pounds of body weight. Typically, 20 drops is about half a dropper full, but we recommend patients measure out the drops the first two or three times to get a feel for the amount.

For Nighttime Use: To promote relaxation and imporoved sleep at night, take a stadard dose of 1 ml (20 drops) per 50 pounds of body weight. For best results, take 15 minutes before bed time. Continue for at least three days before increasing the dose. If sleep does not improve at this dose, increase dosage by a maximum of 15 drops and continue the dose for a period not less than three days before increasing again.

For Daytime Use: To support non-drowsy relaxation in patients experiencing hypervigilance or overactive mind during the day, begin with a standard dose of 1 ml (20 drops) per 50 punds of body weight twice a day after meals.

Cautions and Contraindications

Do not combine with alcohol or recreational drugs. Consult a licensed heath practitioner before use, especially if patients are on prescription medications, are self-medicating, or have a history of substance abuse or addiction.

Stand Down should not induce morning somnolence or make the transition from sleeping to waking difficult. If the patient reports daytime sleepiness, feelings of depression, or morning hangover-like symptoms, the dose is too high. If these persist after reducing the dose, discontinue use.


PTSD is a serious mental health condition that often requires professional evaluation and treatment. Stand Down is not intended to replace needed professional care.

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