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3 Tips for Staying Healthy During Back-to-School Season

Back to school season always arrives in our house on a wave of optimism. It’s like New Year’s Day but with school related aspirations. This year’s school season seems particularly heavily seasoned with angst and worry.


Pandemic or not, top of mind this time of year is keeping everyone in my household healthy. In an effort to boost my spirits, as much as help the wider Herbalogic family, let’s return to the basics with these strategies to keep the family healthy. 


1) Sleep – Schedule it!
Especially toward the end of summer, with its trips to the waterpark and late-night movie watching, the family sleep schedule looks less like a shiny well oiled machine and more like a rusting forgotten jalopy. Instead of just cliff diving back into the early morning school schedule, it goes easier if 3-5 days before the start of school there is an effort to get to sleep earlier and wake up at a time compatible with going to school. Even if you’re still zooming it this year, seems unlikely that class is going to start at 10:30. 


2) Healthy Eating – Plan it!
There are a lot of different opinions out there about what constitutes healthy eating. But there is  uniform agreement that- if Pepsi Co says it’s “Fun for You” it’s not intended to build the foundation of your nutrition. Rather, it is intended to make your mouth happy and every other part of your body sad.  I am looking at you Doritos and Mountain Dew. Most summers, here, we relax the rules for junk food a bit, but our shopping list will once again include healthy foods. I’m looking at you carrot sticks and sliced apples. 


3) Hands- Wash them!
Hopefully this habit did not fall away during summer, but just in case it did, WASH YOUR HANDS, early and often. For many of us the silver lining of virtual schooling is that not everyone in the family got seasonal illnesses at the same time. But the influenza virus does not care if you got a COVID vaccine. It does however respond to hand washing. 


If you put these 3 strategies at the top of your family priorities, it’s amazing how much healthier back to school will go. I know, some of you are saying, “But what about herbs for back to school?!?” I would encourage you to check out Herbalogic Support System or Support System VZ, our immune formulas. If you do all these things and are still worried, then maybe the formula to check out is Quiet Mind.


Herbalogic Quiet Mind for Gerneralized Worry
Herbalogic Quiet Mind helps support a healthy emotional response to situations that are worrisome, like, you know, life in the 24-hour news cycle. 
Herbalogic Support System VZ with Vitamin C Vitamin D3 and Zinc for Immune System Support
We really cannot say enough how much the immune system 💕s Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Zinc, which is why they are combined with herbs traditionally used to improve the immune system in Herbalogic Support System VZ.
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