PMS Confessions: How My Moods Took a U-Turn

It’s confession time.

I am basically a terrible driver. I don’t like eating fish unless it’s sushi. And I am a big sci-fi nerd. When I was pregnant last summer and the only place I could be comfortable was lying down, what was my reading material of choice? Zombie fiction. But these are not my confessions. No, no.

The PMS Herbs in Peacekeeper helped me rediscover my love of U-turns.Looking at it now, it all seems so simple...and awesome.

Two years ago when the Herbalogic Director of Product Development, David, came up with our herbal PMS formula, the marketing guys spent weeks trying to decide what to call it. One contender that summed up the formula nicely was "Bitch-Be-Gone," but we didn't have the nerve to use it. When they proposed naming it "Peacekeeper" instead, I was thrilled! One of my all time favorite sci-fi shows was Farscape. Set on the other side of the universe, the fascist antagonists are called the Peacekeepers. Their name is ironic because of course their method of keeping the peace is by being horrifically oppressive and frequently employing violence. 

Which brings me to my big confession: our Peacekeeper formula (the one with herbs for PMS mood swing support) has been available for purchase for over a year, and I only tried it for the first time last week.

I’ve recommended it to lots of people who have come back and told me how it’s changed their lives, but I never actually managed to swallow any of it before. Don’t get me wrong. I use most of our products. (I practically live on Decompress. I find the taste alone to be very comforting.) Peacekeeper just hadn’t quite worked its way into my medicine cabinet.

Then last week my husband announced he had to go out of town on business, leaving me alone with our two small boys, aged four-and-a-half and eleven months. Some moms out there will identify when I say my reactions to my kids more often than not go something like this: “Why can’t you just talk and tell me what you want already!?” and “Oh for the love of creation can you just stop talking already!” (I would like to say that I usually keep these thoughts in my head, but sometimes they trickle out. You know, when we are in heavy traffic, in the morning when I first get up, when it’s late in the evening and I’m tired, at lunch time when I’m tired and haven’t eaten…) 

Just before my departing hubby reached escape velocity, I was putting together an Herbalogic gift basket that included a bottle of Peacekeeper. As I was hot-gluing a popsicle stick on the back of the 4-ounce bottle, a little voice spoke to me and said, “Try the Peacekeeper.” The voice might have been my older son hiding under the table…who knows. But I listened all the same. 

Herbalogic Peacekeeper: Natural Herbs for PMS Mood Swing SupportI'd been missing out on all the good stuff in Peacekeeper, our herbal PMS mood support formula.

Fast forward five days. I’d been on my own, hands full, and working in a really emotionally depressed place all week (at a co-working space that is sadly closing soon). And yet…I’ve been remarkably optimistic about the future. So much that when I talked to the herb guru David today, the first thing I said was, “What the hell is in that Peacekeeper stuff? I feel great!” And I got through my husband’s business trip without yelling at my kids even once (something those of you who know me realize is slightly less probable than Ben Browder whisking me away to the life to which I hope to become accustomed.)

To top it off, I had my four-year-old in the car today when I made a textbook U-turn. When it was done, I let loose a loud “Yeah!” and fist-punched the air in triumph. 

“Why did you say that, Mommy?” my son said. 

“Because, I am awesome!” I answered.

And thanks to Peacekeeper, my inner awesomeness shines.

Peacekeeper herbal PMS mood formula promotes a healthy emotional response in women experiencing the irritability and moodiness that often precede monthly periods.* It's available in 2-ounce and 4-ounce dropper bottles.

Third Coast Herb Company makes no claim that Peacekeeper will make you a better driver. However, don't be surprised if it makes you feel awesome about the driver you already are.

About the Author: Jeanine Adinaro is an acupuncturist, the mother of two young boys, and president of Third Coast Herb Co. of Austin, Texas, makers ofHerbalogic herbal health products. More information at
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Before I knew Jeanine had tucked into a bottle of peacekeeper, I noticed that she was being positive, upbeat and oddly hopeful. In a meeting I wondered allowed, “Who are you and what have you done with Jeanine?” She broke out into laughter on a conference call and didn’t mention the FDA for an entire meeting. It was weird, but honestly, she is right, she is a terrible driver.

David Jones

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