Herbal Formulas to Round Out Your Winter Vacation Gear

For the skiiers, snowboarders, and climbers among us, altitude is everything. This time of year, it’s all about waxing up, bundling up, and heading up to the pristine powder above the tree line. But if you’re a flatlander like me, chances are pretty good the change in elevation will put a damper on the fun – unless you plan ahead. 

Herbalogic's Peak Power and Back in Action herbal formulas are perfect for anyone who enjoys winter sports but doesn't enjoy the fatigue and altitude sickness that comes with higher altitude.

Take on the Mountain Without It Taking You Down

The nightmare scenario is this. You get to the ski village with precious few vacation days, but find yourself suffering shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, and even nausea. You waste a couple of days adjusting to the thin, dry air and low-oxygen environment. Maybe three days in, your body finally acclimates, so you hit the slopes with a vengence, trying to make up for lost time. You take on some blue trails, feeling pretty good, and then spot a double-black diamond run and decide to make it your bitch. Instead, said trail purees your muscles like a brand new Vitamix and spits you out at the mountain’s base all wobbly-legged and weeping. Next day, you can barely stand, much less swish your insulated fanny down the bunny slope.

No fun. But there’s good news.

Herbalogic has two formulas that can make your winter more (to borrow a Sheen-ism) “winning.” One counters low oxygen at altitude, boosting energy and endurance. The other accelerates recovery of muscles and ligaments that haven’t been used since the last family ski trip. Here’s how they can make this year one for the books.

Peak Power from Herbalogic delivers natural and sustained herbal energy and performance, as well as support for high altitude sickness.

A bottle of Herbalogic's Peak Power at the summit of Haleakala crater in Maui, Hawaii. Cyclist Matt Mowat used the formula on his ride from sea-level to the dormant volcano's more than 10,000-ft. peak.

Peak Power: The Energy to Master the Mountain

This may be Herbalogic’s most effective and least appreciated formula. It’s actually a combination of two foundation formulas used in Chinese medicine, one for boosting energy and one for building and moving red blood cells. On top of those, we’ve added a third group of herbs to strengthen the immune system and a fourth to combat the effects of high-altitude, which are mostly related to hypoxia. 

The result is a non-stimulating herbal energy formula that supports improved stamina, more efficient oxygen uptake and delivery, and increased resistence to seasonal bugs. All of which makes it a near-perfect, natural supplement for anyone who enjoys exertion of any sort at altitude. But it’s also a fantastic herbal tincture for general fatigue, whether you’re an exhausted parent or a jet-lagged frequent flyer. 


Tip: If you’re headed to the mountains this winter, start taking Peak Power twice a day for about a week before you travel. Then increase your intake to three times a day once you arrive. You should feel very few, if any, effects from the elevation. 
Back in Action: The Black Belt of Herbal Pain Formulas 

Muscle soreness and back aches are probably the most common types of pain most of us experience, and they're usually caused by asking more from our muscles, ligaments, and other soft tissues than they are used to. We clean out the attic or garage, we shovel snow off the driveway, we push a little too hard at the gym. The next day, we’re hurting. Same thing happens with winter sports; muscles that have hardly been used since last ski season are suddenly called to action. If the action is too intense and too soon, you could find yourself warming the bench on a bluebird day.

I’d like to say these situations are just what Back in Actionwas made for. But it wasn’t. It was made for something much more painful and traumatic.

Back in Action: The black belt of herbal formulas for muscle, back, and joint pain with 23 herbs.

Back in Action contains 23 herbs. Unfortunately, none of them match the label color as nicely as the yellow lichen growing in this rock in the Wasatch Range of Utah.

Back in Action is the very herbal formula used to treat training and combat injuries received by the “fighting monks” of The Shaolin Temple. Remember the TV show Kung Fu with David Carradine as “Caine” (a.k.a. “Grasshopper”)? He was a Shaolin monk, and those flashback scenes to his days in training took place in The Shaolin Temple. After the temple was attacked and the library burned to the ground about 100 years ago, the formula was thought lost. But a copy survived, and it was rediscoved 60 years later. As far as we know, it's only available from Herbalogic. 

Tip: Take before, during, and after unusual physical exertion to help reduce the damage and speed recovery even more.

There are 23 herbs in Back in Action, by far the most complex herbal formula we make. But the result is worth it. Back in Action contains natural analgesics to ease pain, while the other herbal ingredients promote reduced inflammation in soft tissues, joint and tendon health, relaxation of muscles, and healing of broken bones. In fact, it’s limiting to think of this combination of Chinses herbs as just a pain formula. It’s more accurate to think of it as a “recovery formula.” That’s how the Shaolin monks used it, after all; they were engaged in serious martial arts training every day, and they needed to recover from strain, pain, injury, and bone breaks fast. Back in Action worked for them, and it can help you recover from a rough day on the slopes.

Win a Free Bottle of Any Herbalogic Formula!

Post a picture of yourself to Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, or other photo site with a bottle of Peak Power or Back in Action on your winter vacation. Send us a link, and tell us where you were and what you were doing. To thank you for sharing, we’ll send you a free 2 oz. bottle of the Herbalogic formula of your choice. You can also email your photo and comments to usdirectly.

Peak Power herbal energy formula takes on Mount Kilimanjaro. Herbs for energy, stamina, performance, and more.

Emily made it to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro feeling fresh and energized, thanks in part to Peak Power. She sent us this photo of her at the summit.


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