Easy Breather Microshots Have Arrived

Here's a little something for all you Easy Breather lovers out there. It's a new and convenient single-dose pack of ourherbal nose and sinus formula— and it arrives just in time for the explosion of winter pollen known in these parts as "Cedar Fever" season.

Easy Breather Microshots: for nose and sinus health, cedar allergies, mold, dust, pollution, and more.

These handy eco-friendly microshots contain one 3 mL serving in a lightweight, paper-and-foil package that's easy to put in your pocket, purse, backpack, or golf bag. Perfect for times when you want to keep Easy Breather close but don't want to bring along a glass bottle. And they're simple to use — just tear off the tab and squeeze directly into your mouth (or into your beverage or smoothie of choice, if that's how you roll).

Easy Breather microshots have just arrived and are making their way into stores now. You can find them in Austin, Texas, atWheatsville Co-OpandAOMA Herbal Medicine(formerly White Crane). Also available in Fredericksburg, Texas, atPeach Basket. We'll be adding new store locations and making them available for purchase online soon. FollowHerbalogic on FacebookandTwitterfor updates.

We'd love to know your thoughts about the new packaging, so please share your comments below and, if you'd like to see more of our formulas in this packaging, give this article a "like" or a "+1."

About Easy Breather

Easy Breather is a non-drying herbal formula that promotes clear sinuses and soothes occasional upper respiratory and nasal irritation that can occur with seasonal changes, travel, or stress.* The herbs in Easy Breather provide seasonal immune support for people with tree pollen allergies, especially pollen from mountain cedar and ashe juniper that causes mountain "cedar fever" in the Southwest. The same herbs that make it effective for tree pollen sufferers also promote a healthy response to a wide range of upper respiratory irritants, such as grass pollen, dust, molds, smoke, and pollution. 

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I think this is a wonderful, handy dosage. Packaging is easy to use. I do wish it had instructions on it and preferable age restrictions (need it for my young son – 10 years old). I had to do research to be sure it was to be ingested (rather than to be administered topically).


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