Herbalogic Seeks Small Business Grant: Your Vote Needed

By now you may have heard that LivingSocial and Chase have teamed to provide up to 12 grants of $250,000 each to deserving small businesses. To qualify, businesses must register, complete an application, submit an essay, and get at least 250 votes from their social networks. Voting is where you come in. If you haven't voted for us yet and are so inclined, visit the Mission: Small Business website and vote right now. It's easy. Just click the "Log In and Support" button, use Facebook to log in, then enter "Herbalogic" in the search form to find our listing. Click on the "vote" button, and you're done. Thank you very much. For those who are curious about why we're applying for a grant, stay tuned. We'll be posting more information about how we would use the grant soon, and we'll explain how a vote for Herbalogic is a vote for veterans' health. (Hint: it involves a new formula. Shhh.)

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