• Herbs for energy? Absolutely. Peak Power combines to classic formulas containing herbs that boost energy and increase stamina. By liberating oxygen more readily, your body converts nutrients into fuel faster. Not just for athletes, Peak Power herb drops act as an excellent restorative tonic for people suffering from overwork, exhaustion, and adrenal fatigue.
  • Quiet the racing thoughts and internal chatter the Buddhists call "monkey mind" with this 100% herbal remedy for temporary anxiety, hyperactivity, panic, and excitability.
  • PMS relief for your mood swings is just a click away. Peacekeeper herbal supplements for irritation and emotional ups and downs associated with monthly periods is the natural way to feel like your old self. From Herbalogic.

Herbal Solutions for Common Health Concerns

Discover great tasting natural remedies based on centuries of herbal wisdom.

Our minimally processed, small batch formulas for everyday health concerns contain powerful combinations of herbs long used in traditional healing to support the body's ability to achieve and maintain a healthy, balanced state. Made proudly in the U.S.A. and triple tested for purity.

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Herbalogic herbal supplements are available at many Whole Foods Market locations.
Herbalogic herbal supplements for hot flashes, racing thoughts, adrenal fatigue, sleep issues, and more are available at Luckys Market locations in Colorado.
Herbalogic herbal remedies for nose and sinuses affected by cedar fever and airborne irritants like pollen, dust, smoke, mold, and pollution are available at Wheatsville Coop locations in Austin, Texas.
Herbalogic herbs for energy, calming the mind, relieving stress and nervous worry, and more are carried by Kripalu.


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