• Cedar Fever Remedies – Herbalogic Easy Breather herb drops and capsules provide fast, effective support for cedar pollen allergies.

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Great tasting natural remedies based on centuries of herbal wisdom.

Our minimally processed, small batch formulas for everyday health concerns contain powerful combinations of herbs long used in traditional healing to support the body's ability to achieve and maintain a healthy, balanced state. Made proudly in the U.S.A. and triple tested for purity.

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Herbal sleep aids and natural sleeping herbs like Solid Eight are available at many Whole Foods Market locations. PMS irritability and mood swings natural treatment and herbal remedy.
Anxiety herbal medicine treatment, natural supplements anxiety, herbs for anxiety relief – Herbalogic herbal supplements for hot flashes, racing thoughts, adrenal fatigue, sleep issues, and more are available at Luckys Market locations in Colorado.
Herbal remedies for sinuses, cedar fever pollen remedies, herbs for cedar allergy – Herbalogic herbal remedies for nose and sinuses affected by cedar fever and airborne irritants like pollen, dust, smoke, mold, and pollution are available at Wheatsville Coop locations in Austin, Texas.
Stress management herbs, herbs for stress and anger relief, natural remedies – Herbalogic herbs for energy, racing thoughts, calming the mind, relieving stress and nervous worry, and ADHD, ADD, and more are carried by Kripalu.
Adrenal fatigue supplements, chronic fatigue syndrome, herbs for energy, remedies, natural, treatment – Natural remedies for pain and muscle recovery, natural hot flashes treatment, natural sleep aid, herbal energy formula, fixed focus formula, and more available at Cambridge Naturals
Hot flashes herbal treatment, hot flushes, night sweats, natural remedies, herbal relief – Chinese Herbal Tonics and Remedies: Herbalogic Supplements available at MOM's Organic Market
Herbal medicine treatment, herbal supplements, ADD, ADHD, focus, attention – People's Pharmacy location across Austin carry Herbalogic herb drops and capsules for focus, sleep issues, energy, performance, PMS Mood Swings, altitude sickness, cedar fever, allergies to pollen, stress relief, and more.
Altitude Sickness Herbal Treatment; Natural Pain Relief; Sore Muscle Recovery; Corydalis Rhizome Ache Relief; Corydalis Herb; Sore Muscles Workout; Painful Muscles Aches and Pain; Chinese Herbal Medicine, Remedies, and Tonics; PMS remedy; Sore Breasts.


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