Back in Action Herb Drops

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Back in Action combines 23 herbs long used to ease soreness and promote relief in muscles, joints, and tendons inflamed by overwork and injury. Our version of this herbal formula emphasizes turmeric and corydalis, two herbs which research suggests may provide effective relief of temporary pain and inflammation.* 

Traditional Functions. The herbal ingredients in Back in Action have been used historically to:

• ease pain in sore, overworked or injured muscles; 
• reduce inflammation in tendons and soft tissues; 
• relieve joint pain; 
• aid muscle recovery from overuse or injury. 

When to Use. Use Back in Action to support your body's response to occasional muscle soreness, joint inflammation, and soft tissue pain due to physical activity, injury, or exercise. Take before and after deep tissue massage, especially when massage is indicated due to injury. 

– Liquid Herb Formula – Wheat-Free – Soy-Free  – Dairy-Free – Triple Tested for Purity – Made in the U.S.A. – Satisfaction Guaranteed

Visit our Back in Action Facts and Instructions page for complete formula information.

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