Traditionally Used to Reduce Inflammation & Speed Recovery*

Supports Recovery from Exercise, Overwork or Minor Soft-Tissue Damage*

Blends Corydalis, Turmeric & 21 Other Herbs*

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Flashback from Herbalogic, a modern plant-based hot flash remedy based on Chinese herbal treatments for hot flashes, hot flushes, and night sweats during menopause.

A Shaolin Temple Formula Traditionally Used to Support Those with Minor Muscle Soreness, Joint Pain, and Soft Tissue Inflammation Due to Exercise, Overwork, or Injury.*


Back in Action Herb Drops is easily our most complex formula, extracting 23 herbs long used in traditional medicine to support a healthy response to minor pain and inflammation. This formula comes to us from a Shaolin Temple scribe who rescued the recipe from a fire more than a century ago, but it was used long before then. It was developed by a group of kung-fu fighting, zen warrior monks to speed the healing and recovery of those overworked or injured in training or battle. In a nutshell, it was made to get sore, aching, and wounded martial artists back on their feet fast. You don't need to snatch a pebble from the master's hand to benefit from Shaolin herbal wisdom.*

Back in Action Herb Drops contain herbs extracted in alcohol and water. For those with alcohol or taste sensitivities, consider Back in Action XT.


When To Use



Recommended Use: Shake well and take 20 drops (1 mL) or half a dropper full per 50 pounds of body weight by mouth two to three times per day, or as directed by your healthcare professional. If taste is too strong, dilute first in a small amount of room temperature water or other liquid. For those sensitive to alcohol, place drops in boiling water and allow to cool; most of the alcohol will evaporate.

Alternate Uses: If results are not achieved at the recommended serving size, increase the frequency of use to a maximum of four times per day before increasing the serving size. Do not exceed 40 drops (2 mL) per 50 pounds of body weight for adults and 20 drops (1 mL) per 50 pounds for children under 12.


Do not take Back in Action Herb Drops in combination with blood thinners unless directed by your healthcare provider. Discontinue use before surgery. Consult your healthcare provider if you experience unusual bruising or bleeding. Do not use Back in Action Herbs Drops during pregnancy or if trying to become pregnant. While generally considered a safe herbal formula, nursing women, children under age twelve, and anyone with a history of bleeding disorders should consult with a healthcare provider prior to using Back in Action Herb Drops.