What Do Zebras and Herbalists Have in Common? Hint: Rhymes with Appeal

What Do Zebras and Herbalists Have in Common? Hint: Rhymes with Appeal

What's Black and White and Red All Over?

A Zebra with a Sunburn

Given that this is the third time I have written about groups of African animals often seen on photo safari, I think it's clear that a year cooped up in the house avoiding a virus is plenty long enough. Oh to travel again....   

Until then, let's talk about Africa's camouflaged horses, zebras. The collective noun for a group of zebras is zeal. As in, "I just saw a zeal of zebras zip across the Zimbabwean zoological zone. No, there are no prepositions that start with Z. Why do you ask?"

Whoever decided to call them a zeal of zebras obviously got to the end of the alphabetized animal list and decided alliteration was good enough. But I do think its interesting that zeal also has another definition: great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective. As in, Team Herbalogic's zeal for delivering high quality herbal products and reliable natural health education are above reproach.

Herbalogic was started by two acupuncturists, both of whom studied herbal medicine in China and wanted to bring that tradition to the U.S. All of our products are crafted with love of the tradition of herbal medicine.

Have you seen our mini-movie? 

And yes, Team Herbalogic takes herbs- everyday. Even though it's like a parent naming their favorite child, if the other children don't hear you, is it really that bad? Jeanine's favorite is Decompress MX. Dave's favorite is Fixed Focus Liquid. Sometimes. Other times he says it's Peak Power K2 Capsules, which as it turns out is a combination of the herbs in Peak Power Liquid and Fixed Focus Liquid. 

The Zeal of Zebras is just one of a three-part series of the very tenuous connection between collective nouns and traditional Chinese herbs. Feel encouraged to read about The Bloat of Hippos and The Crash of Rhinos

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