A crash of rhinos

When an Immovable Object Meets an Unstoppable Force

How do you stop a rhino from charging?

Take away his credit card

In our continuing exploration of the relationship between collective names for animals and traditional Chinese herbs we examine the mighty rhinoceros. Here's a case where the collective name might not make a lot of sense when you read it, but does once you see a picture. For the world's most unlikely herbivores, the collective noun is crash. Look at them. If all those rhinos all start running in the same direction together toward that jeep full of photographers, is there any doubt how it's going to end?

Interesting that the collective noun for rhinos is exactly the same word we use to describe what happens a few hours after someone gulps down and overly-caffeinated, sugar-charged energy drink. Really, when you cracked that aluminum tab, did you have any doubt how the afternoon was going to go?

In the world of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, formulas intended to improve energy avoid ingredients that artificially amp you up only to be followed by a dramatic let down. Instead, the focus is on sustained energy through good digestion and healthy respiration. Herbs like peony root and astragalus are used to help the body live its best life naturally in a sustainable way.

With this philosophy in mind, Herbalogic makes two formulas focused on improving energy:

Peak Power Liquid - Promotes Sustained Energy

Peak Power K2 Herb Capsules - Sustained Energy + Mental Focus

Peak Power is a traditional formula used to improve overall stamina and energy. Good digestion, stronger red blood cells and all that. I'll let you in on a little secret about Peak Power K2. It has that extra "K2" designation at the end of its name because it is the same herbs as our Peak Power Liquid formula, plus our Fixed Focus formula for mental concentration. The K2  comes from the famous (infamous) mountain in the Karakoram range which is basically Mt. Everest's more savage cousin. Like this herb formula will give you what it takes to get to the top of K2.* 

Another little secret, depending on what day you ask him, co-founder Dave will tell you that his favorite formula is Peak Power K2. Other days he says it's Fixed Focus. I leave concluding what the common denominator indicates about Dave as an exercise to the reader. 

Personally, I love these formulas. There are days when I know I should exercise but the energy is just not there. I like to take two Peak Power K2 capsules (or 40 mL of Peak Power- it really just depends on which bottle I find in the cabinet first) about 10 minutes before I get started. I find that it makes it just a little less of a slog to get through the exercise activity. Like if I am swimming laps, those last 200 meters don't seem as crushing as they normally would. 

All this and no crash.

The Crash of Rhinos is just one of a three-part series of the very tenuous connection between collective nouns and traditional Chinese herbs. Feel encouraged to read about The Bloat of Hippos and The Zeal of Zebras


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