Collection: Herbs for Stress Support – Decompress Herbal Formulas

Decompress contains herbal stress relievers used traditionally to promote a normal stress response. Available in 2-ounce and 4-ounce liquid herb extracts and 30-count capsules. Made in the U.S.A.


How to Reduce Stress with Herbs

Stress is a big part of modern work and family life. Pressure comes at us from all sides, and how our bodies respond to constant barrage of stimuli affects our health, our mood, and our relationships. If stress leaves you feeling tense, irritated, or depleted, reach for the Decompress or Decompress MX. Both are modern, 100% plant-based versions of the most widely prescribed formula in Chinese herbal medicine, a blend of several herbs for stress said to make the spirit carefree and easygoing.*

Decompress Herb Drops

The classic formula in fast-acting liquid form promotes a normal stress response,* perfect for daily use and those times when immediate stress relief is needed. The drops also allow very precise control of the serving size, which is especially helpful for use in children. To remove alcohol, place the recommended serving of herb drops in an ounce or two of very hot water and allow to cool.

Decompress MX Capsules

Our capsule version of Decompress builds on the classic liquid formula with additional herbs for stress and mood in dehydrated form. The capsule format offers extended release of the herbs into your system, providing longer-lasting support without the herbaceous taste or alcohol of the liquid. Around the Herbalogic office, Decompress MX is known as "the chill pill."