Collection: Easy Breather Series Formulas for Cedar Fever

Herbal Remedies for Nose and Sinus Support

Easy Breather is the original herbal formula for upper respiratory support against seasonal pollen and other airborne irritants, such as mold, dust, smoke, and pollution. Based on a classic blend of herbs used successfully for centuries, Herbalogic's version was modified to address the needs of those suffering from cedar fever, an often debilitating reaction to juniper pollen.

For people with pollen allergies, cedar fever manifests as an overactive immune response producing nasal congestion, itchy and watery eyes, sinus pressure and pain, headaches, and sometimes a mild fever. Easy Breather has been extensively tested in clinical settings and proven to promote a normal immune response, often within minutes, even on days with the highest pollen counts.

Easy Breather is available in a fast-acting tincture (liquid extract), as well as extended-release, flavor-free herb capsules. Click on the products below to learn more.