Today's Pollen Allergy Picture Isn't Pretty, So Be Nice

For most of the U.S., spring allergy season is here. That means pollen, and lots of it. Our friends at do a great job of helping us visualize just how pervasive the problem is, so we wanted to share. So here it is, your national map of doom:

Pollen Allergy Map from Get ideas for natural remedies for allergies from and try Easy Breather for immune support.

If you're unfortunate enough to live in the orange or red zones (like just about everybody) and you don't suffer from pollen allergies, do the rest of us a favor. For the next couple of months, be extra nice to all those sniffling, watery-eyed, stuffy-headed people around you. Most of them aren't trying to give you a cold. They're under attack on two fronts: by spiky grains of pollen on the outside, and a panic-stricken immune system from the inside. Basically, they just feel miserable. All they really want is company. And an endless supply of tissues.

Easy Breather, natural herbal relief for nose and sinus congestion, itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, and other signs of an immune system overreacting to airborne allergens.

Better yet, do them a solid and get them some Easy Breather (or at least share this with them so they can get some themselves). What's Easy Breather? It's one immune-boosting, sinus-soothing, head-clearing herbal juggernaut that will make even the most powerful pollinators look puny. But don't take just our word for it. Read what the survivors of this years "cedar fever" season have to say.

Amazed and Thankful
I was feeling terrible earlier this week. I had to sleep with my mouth open to breathe and let me tell you it is not fun waking up to a dry tongue! I was given Easy Breather by a family friend who works at a local pharmacy. This product began working INSTANTLY! Not only was I surprised, I was so thankful to be able to breathe again. Great product! Will recommend.

- Camille J.

Camille's tongue now meets the morning with sufficient moisture to sing our praises, for which we're thankful. But she's not the only one amazed:

Easy Breather Really Works
Easy Breather works really well in alleviating Cedar Fever symptoms. Living in Austin, Texas is a real challenge for many when it comes to allergies and cedar is one of the worst. Anyway, having tried many other over the counter medications and herbals that merely take the edge off and leave you feeling unwanted side effects, I was amazed at how well this product works even on extremely high pollen count days.

- Scott P.

Those are just a couple of the dozen or so recent reviews for Easy Breather, available in concentrated liquid extracts or capsules. We hope others will have reason to write their own very soon. 

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