Easy Breather Herb Drops

Easy Breather is a blend of several herbs used in traditional healing to promote clear sinuses and soothe occasional upper respiratory irritation that may be triggered by pollen, dust, mold, smoke, pollution, seasonal changes, travel, or stress.*

Easy Breather supports natural allergy relief by promoting:

  •   » normal breathing
  •   » clear, bright eyes
  •   » healthy sinuses
  •   » open, healthy ears
  •   » clear-headedness and acute thinking
  •   » relief from minor throat irritation
Seasonal Pollen Allergies and Other Irritants 

Easy Breather was originally formulated to provide seasonal immune support for people with tree pollen allergies, especially the juniper pollen that causes "cedar fever" in Texas and the Southwest. But the same herbs that make it an effective herbal remedy for plant pollen sufferers promote a healthy response to a wide range of environmental irritants. 

Use Easy Breather to support the body's immune system from the irritating effects of seasonal tree and plant pollen (ragweed, grass, cedar, juniper, oak, elm, pecan, birch, and others) and for sensitivity to airborne pollutants and particles (smog, exhaust, smoke, mold spores, fungal spores). Easy Breather also provides excellent support for frequent air travelers who can be exposed to dry cabin air and other nasal irritants.

How to Use: For best results, begin taking Easy Breather once daily at least two weeks before exposure to environmental irritants and increase to a full dose three times per day during pollen allergy season. For sudden onset or acute reactions to allergens, use two full droppers (about 3 to 4 mL) and hold under the tongue for ten seconds before swallowing. If you have signs of sinus infection, discontinue use and consult a health professional.

See the Easy Breather herbal allergy support instructions page for recommended use, dosages, cautions, and ingredients.


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