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Cedar Fever Remedy – Get Relief for Seasonal Pollen Allergies with Easy Breather from HerbalogicEasy Breather is a blend of several herbs used in traditional healing to promote clear sinuses and soothe occasional upper respiratory irritation that may be triggered by pollen, dust, mold, smoke, pollution, seasonal changes, travel, or stress.*

normal breathing; clear, bright eyes; healthy sinuses; open, healthy ears; clear-headedness and acute thinking; relief from minor throat irritation


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Easy Breather: Instructions for Use

Herbalogic Easy Breather was initially developed to provide seasonal immune support during "cedar fever" season, caused when juniper trees in Texas and the southwest United States expel a particularly nasty pollen in huge quantities. However, the formula is ideally used daily to improve overall immune system function.

Easy Breather is based on the traditional Chinese herbal medicine formula Yu Ping Feng San, which typically translates as "Jade Wind Screen Powder,” used to support healthy immune function and reduce susceptibility to common colds and flu. Herbalogic has updated the recipe with modern stresses and air contaminants in mind and a particular focus on healthy nasal sinus function. While other traditional formulas sometimes cause nasal dryness or excessive thirst, Easy Breather includes herbs that moisturize the sinus passages.

  • Indications
    Take when your body needs support and protection against seasonal irritants, such as tree pollen — especially cedar, juniper, oak, elm, pecan and related species with pollen-producing flowers — and other airborne nasal irritants, such as urban pollution and mold spores. Also use for general immune support before and during cold, flu, and allergy seasons. Use before and during traveling to boost immunity to pathogens in enclosed spaces, like airplane cabins.*

  • Recommended Use
    For best results, Easy Breather should be taken starting at least two weeks before expected contact with nasal irritants, especially if they are associated with seasonal allergies. Shake well and take 1 mL (about 20 drops or half a dropper full) per 50 lbs. of body weight by mouth two to three times per day, or as directed by your healthcare professional. If taste is too strong, add to a small amount (one to two ounces) of room temperature water or other liquid and drink.

    Alternate Serving Sizes & Frequency
    As with all concentrated herb drops, start with the recommended or smaller serving size and increase as needed. If Easy Breather is not effective after three days at the recommended serving size, increase frequency to 4 times daily before increasing the volume of a single serving. For children under 12 and adults weighing less than 100 lbs., the maximum serving is 20 drops 3 times daily. For children under 8, the maximum serving is 15 drops 3 times daily. For children under 6, the maximum serving is 10 drops 3 times daily. Not for use in children under age 3.

  • Ingredients
    Astragalus (root), Atractylodes (rhizome) bai-zhu, Cicada (moulting), Sweetgum (fruit), Angelica dahurica (root), Trichosanthes (root), Xanthium (fruit), Magnolia (budding flower), Siler (root) & Mint (leaf)

    Other Ingredients
    Filtered water, ethyl alcohol from sugarcane (less than 17% by packaged volume), USP pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerin

  • Cautions & Contraindications
    It's important to use Easy Breather as intended to promote maximum health. Please follow these guidelines:

    • Do not use Easy Breather if excessive yellow-green nasal mucus is present.
    • Do not use Easy Breather if experiencing acute sinus cavity or ear pain.
    • Do not use Easy Breather if abnormal nasal bleeding occurs.
    • Do not use Easy Breather if signs of active nasal or respiratory infection are present.

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