Herbalogic Expands Lineup with Capsule Launch

October 13, 2014

Herbalogic capsules expand the herbal supplement company's product lineup.

Company Introduces Six Herbal Formulas in New DropCaps Format

Austin, Texas (October 13, 2014) — One thing has always been true about Herbalogic health supplements: they've been of the fluid variety. That changes this month when Austin-based herbal remedy maker Third Coast Herb Company introduces a new kind of capsule to its small-batch tincture lineup. The capsule line debuts with versions of three popular multi-herb formulas and three all-new formula extensions.

Products in the Capsule Line

Three existing liquid formulas are getting the DropCaps treatment: Easy Breather™, Quiet Mind™, and Solid Eight™. Easy Breather, the company's #1 selling herbal supplement, provides upper respiratory and immune support, especially for "cedar fever" and nose and sinus issues brought on by allergies to pollen, dust, smoke, mold, and pollution. Quiet Mind supports relief from occasional anxiety, mental restlessness, and racing thoughts (what Buddhists call "monkey mind"). Solid Eight is a natural sleep aid, one that's a safe and effective over-the-counter alternative to prescription sleep medications.*

Austin-based herbal supplement maker Third Coast Herb Company expands product line with introduction of six herbal health formulas in new capsule format.

The capsule line includes three new hybrid formulas, each a modification of a formula in the liquid line. They are Decompress MX™, Fixed Focus HD™, and Peak Power K2™. Decompress MX is an extra-strength version of Decompress herb drops for stress-related moodiness, anger, tension, and irritation. Fixed Focus HD combines the calming herbs of our Quiet Mind formula with the attention-boosting herbs of Fixed Focus concentration formula, making it an excellent all-in-one supplement for those teens and adults dealing with attention and hyperactivity issues. Finally, Peak Power K2 adds herbs for mental concentration to Herbalogic's energy and performance formula, producing a hybrid version that reduces adrenal fatigue while enhancing mental clarity and alertness.*

DropsCaps: Fast Acting, Longer Lasting

Liquid tinctures are arguably the most effective extraction and delivery method for medicinal herbs. Still, not everyone finds their alcohol content and herbaceous taste appealing. Dried herbs have long been ground to powder and encapsulated to bypass such sensitivities. But they have a drawback; the body needs to do the heavy work of extracting the phytochemicals in herb powders, and it can take awhile before the effects are noticed. Herbalogic's new DropCaps take an innovative approach by combining alcohol-free concentrates of its liquid tinctures with powdered solid herbs. The result is a vegetarian capsule that delivers its herbal payload in two stages: an initial, fast-acting dose of "liquid" herbs, and a second, extended release as the powdered herbs are absorbed over time.

Capsules Open Doors to Additional Products

The six capsule products launching in early October are the first of what the company hopes will be many new formulas, according to David Jones, VP of Product Development for Third Coast. "Capsules open up a number of new opportunities for formulas that just aren't suitable as tinctures," he says. "Many of the most impressive herbs in the Chinese herbal repertoire are extremely bitter, and we've been unable to include them in our herb drops line." Capsules are also more readily accepted in Western health culture.

The six new capsule products are initially available in 30-count bottles of 500 mg vegetarian capsules with a suggested retail price of $28.95, with 60-count bottles planned for release in the coming months.


About Herbalogic and Third Coast Herb Company

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Third Coast Herb Company develops, manufactures, and markets health products based on traditional herbal medicine under the Herbalogic brand. Each formula addresses a common health concern with a powerful combination of functional herbs long used to support the body's natural return to a healthy, balanced state. Herbalogic formulas are sold through a network of acupuncturists and integrative medicine practitioners, as well as in herbal pharmacies, wellness boutiques, and independent, regional, and national healthy lifestyle stores, such as Whole Foods Market. All Herbalogic formulas are made in the U.S.A. to exacting standards of quality. Learn more at Herbalogic.com.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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