Collection: Herbs for Altitude Sickness Support

Get Natural Relief from the Effects of High Altitude and Low Oxygen*

If you've ever traveled into the mountains, you know that almost any activity in the low-oxygen environment takes more energy and has other side effects. Headaches are common, but you may also find yourself becoming easily winded, fatigued, and drowsy. These are just some of the altitude issues that come with living the high life, and until you acclimate, they can really ruin your day.

Enter Peak Power, a powerful and natural herbal formula that supports the body's ability to utilize available oxygen and deliver it more efficiently to your deprived parts. Start taking Peak Power a couple of days before hiking, biking, or hitting the slopes and you may never feel the effects of altitude, while experiencing improved energy and performance. It's especially helpful for professional and recreational athletes who want a boost when competing at altitude. Available in 2-oz. and 4-oz. dropper bottles.