infographic to help choose between Decompress and Quiet Mind herb formulas

Decompress vs. Quiet Mind


“Hell is other people” - Jean-Paul Sartre
“We don’t invite you to parties for a reason.” - other people


And, my favorite:


“Everyone has issues with family-of-origin.” - Every therapist ever.




If, in your case, “other people” is family, then visiting family might get a little spicy.
Now, to be clear, there are types of family issues that are too big to be solved with some herbs.  These should be addressed with family counselors or therapists.  You can’t control the actions of other people, but you can control your actions and responses.  This is where we can help.   


We make two formulas that are excellent for helping you control your reaction. They work in different ways and this will hopefully clear up those differences.


Decompress: Based on a classic formula called Xiao Yao San (Free and Easy Wanderer) these herbs promote a sense of freedom from worldly care. Put more succinctly, taking Decompress makes it easier to be in situations that make you irritable.  
  1.  MAGA uncle and ACLU cousin fighting- not your problem.
  2. Perpetually late sister is, shockingly, late- not your problem.
  3. Brother-in-law going on and on about an MLM opportunity- not your problem.
  4. Grandma didn’t want to leave her elderly and incontinent shitzu at home- the more the merrier.
  5. Traffic, why is there always so much f$#%^ng traffic!?  We’ll get there.
Decompress allows you to manage situations that would normally be stressful without feeling dopey or altered.  If you notice that this kind of stress leads to tension headaches, knotted shoulders or digestion issues, Decompress can also help with the physical manifestations of stress.
Quiet Mind:  This formula is based on a classic formula called Gui Pi Tang (Zizziphus jujube Formula). This formula also helps with stress but stress that shows up in a different way.  The kind of stress that Quiet Mind helps with shows up as worry, excessive and unfounded worry.  It might help if you feel like
  1.  Amy is bringing the dressing but her dressing is always too salty and that won’t do with mom’s high blood pressure but she is such a good friend I can’t tell her that her dressing could kill my mother and I’m sure my sister is going to bring up last year and the whole green bean debacle but… little diddy ‘bout Jack and Diane, “Hey!  I said no playing catch inside, go outside boys!” and this is how your child dies of hypothermia - Mother of the year here, wait what do you mean nobody preheated the oven, if we don’t get those casseroles started in about 10 minutes none of this is going to come together…Never gonna give you up, never gonna….
 Or take Quiet Mind and have this:
 Quiet Mind and Decompress: If you thought to yourself, wait, what if I need both of these then you would not be alone.  They are made to be taken together and they work synergistically.  It is extremely common for people to take both of these at the same time.
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Mary Fitts
I’m a person who takes both formulas together. I have suffered from insomnia and find this combination more helpful than anything else…i should add that I’m not adverse to my Drs suggestions…but have used Accupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas first.

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