New Herbalogic Website Launched

Posted on January 18, 2012 by The Herbalogic Team | 0 comments

For a few weeks now, the Herbalogic team has been quietly working on an overhaul of our website and online store. Today, we're happy to announce that the new site is live. We encourage you to have a look around and freely link to pages you find interesting. Here's a quick look at some of what you'll find:

Adaptive, Mobile-Friendly Design. Our new site is flexible and adjusts automatically for different screen sizes, from full size desktop monitors to tablets and smart phones. Just resize the window or visit the site on an iPad or iPhone, and you'll see what we mean.
Questions & Answers. We've addressed some of the most often asked questions on a new page. Feel free to suggest additions.
Search by Health Issue. Look up products in the store by the health condition they address, as well as by formula name, for faster shopping.
Locate a Store or Practitioner. We've updated our growing list of retailers and healthcare practitioners who carry Herbalogic products, and we included links so you can find them quickly online. If we missed someone or linked to the wrong page, please let us know.

A New "Learn" Section. Instructions for formula use are now located in one place. Just go to Learn > Instructions from the main nav and click on the internal page links to jump to the formula instructions you need. Keep an eye on the Learn section, as we'll be adding online training videos on other content as they become available.
A New Blog. If you followed "Herb Drops," our original blog, you'll want to follow "Herbiage," our new effort. We'll soon be loading some of our more memorable past entries into the site, and Herb Drops may yet reappear with the full archive of posts at a future date. Stay tuned.
As always, we're thankful for being part of such a great community of people concerned with natural health and supporting small, local businesses. We hope you enjoy the site.


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