“Deep Sleeper” Takes Nap, Taps in “Solid Eight”

Around here, we're big fans of sleep. Nothing quite cures what ails you and adjusts the attitude (for the better) as well as a solid eight hours of sack time. Our go-to soporific at Herbalogic is not, as one might imagine, watching bales of exotic herbs steep in their hermetically sealed vats, but rather the ever-popular, snooze-inducing concoction referred to—until now—as Deep Sleeper.

That same Chinese herbal formula, deemed near perfect in so many other respects, was introduced to the world with one minor and unknown defect: it carried a moniker that too closely resembled that of another, trademarked sleep aid. For this unfortunate condition we are happy to announce a remedy has been found. 

Solid Eight Sleep Formula from Herbalogic

Please celebrate the debut of Solid Eight, the alter ego and new public handle of the natural sleep formula many rely on to coax a reluctant Sandman near. If you see Solid Eight in the insomnia section of your health store or pharmacy, rest assured it is the exact same formulation as its predecessor. (Just look for the blue label, and you can't go wrong.)

We really like the new name, perhaps even more than the last. In fact, we like it almost as much as we like sleep itself. We hope you do to.

It's tempting to use the untimely demise of Deep Sleeper to trot out the metaphors and clichés—“Deep Sleeper sleeps with the fishes” and “It's The Big Sleep for Deep Sleeper” leap to mind—but we'll try to restrain ourselves and just say simply, “Rest in peace, Deep Sleeper. And long live Solid Eight.”

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Hi Craig:

The good news is that Solid Eight is the exact same formula as Deep Sleeper. We only changed the name because of another product in the marketplace had a similar name and was confusing. If Deep Sleeper worked for you, so should Solid Eight, assuming the reason you’re not sleeping is similar.

As for additional suggestions, it really depends on the reason you’re waking up, which could be lots of different things. I do know that some customers tell us they combine either our Decompress or our Quiet Mind formulas with Solid Eight, depending on whether they feel their sleep disturbance is caused by stress or nervous worry. These can be added safely to the sleep formula, as long as you don’t overdo it.

My recommendation would be to try Solid Eight by itself at first, and it you still can’t get back to sleep, do a little self-evaluation. Are you “wired” or bothered by the kind of internal chatter that comes from worry? You may want to add Quiet Mind. If you feel more tense and uptight, supplement Solid Eight with Decompress.

Thanks for contacting us. And do let us know how it goes. Others might be interested in what works or doesn’t for your situation.


I went to buy your deep sleeper and found the name change.
I used it when I would wake up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep.
I hope this OS as effective as it seems that pattern has returned.
Any additional suggestions?


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