Quiet Mind Herb Drops

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If you experience unusual nervousness, anxious worry, hyperactivity, or racing thoughts, the herbs in Quiet Mind™ from Herbalogic will be a welcome addition to your health regimen. The ingredients in our Quiet Mind supplement have long been used in Chinese herbal medicine to promote a healthy mental mood and help those with frayed and frazzled nerves achieve a zen-like calm. Herbalogic's version of this classic herbal remedy contains herbs to ease nervous agitation, restlessness, and excitability.*

Our Quiet Mind herbal formula:

  • »  quiets the "chatter" in your head
  • »  promotes non-drowsy relaxation
  • »  enhances calm and carefree feelings
  • »  supports deeper, more restful sleep
  • »  combines the "super herbs" Eleuthero, Astragalus, Zizyphus and Reishi


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