Quiet Mind Herb Drops

If you experience unusual nervousness, anxious worry, hyperactivity, or racing thoughts, the herbs for anxiety support in Quiet Mind™ from Herbalogic will be a welcome addition to your health regimen. The ingredients in our Quiet Mind supplement have long been used in Chinese herbal medicine to promote a healthy mental mood and help those with frayed and frazzled nerves achieve a zen-like calm. Herbalogic's version of this classic herbal remedy contains herbs to ease nervous agitation, restlessness, and excitability.*

Our Quiet Mind herbal formula:

  • »  quiets the "chatter" in your head
  • »  promotes non-drowsy relaxation
  • »  enhances calm and carefree feelings
  • »  supports deeper, more restful sleep
  • »  combines the "super herbs" Eleuthero, Astragalus, Zizyphus and Reishi


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Quiet Mind: Instructions for Use

Quiet Mind was formulated to support a normal response to the frayed nerves, agitated or racing thoughts (what the Buddhists call "monkey mind"), and sense of unease associated with general anxiety.* May be combined with our Solid Eight sleep formula to reduce racing thoughts at bedtime. Customers with ADHD concerns (inattention and/or hyperactivity) and obsessive behavior (OCD) have reported favorable outcomes when using Quiet Mind with and without other therapies. Use as a meditation and yoga aid to help clear, quiet, and calm the mind before sitting or practice.

  • Indications
    Use Quiet Mind whenever you experience unusual worry or unease, panic attacks, nervousness, or racing thoughts. May be taken before meditation to help "tune out" the mental chatter that Buddhists call "monkey mind." Quiet Mind will not keep you awake, and may be taken before bedtime, alone or in combination with Solid Eight to promote a deep, restful sleep.

  • Recommended Use
    Shake well and take 1 mL (about 20 drops or half a dropper full) per 50 lbs. of body weight by mouth two to three times per day, or as directed by your healthcare professional. If taste is too strong, add to a small amount (one to two ounces) of room temperature water or other liquid and drink.

    Alternate Serving Sizes & Frequency
    As with all concentrated herb drops, start with the recommended or smaller serving size and increase as needed. If Quiet Moind is not effective after three days at the recommended serving size, increase frequency to 4 times daily before increasing the volume of a single serving. For children under 12 and adults weighing less than 100 lbs., the maximum serving is 20 drops 3 times daily. For children under 8, the maximum serving is 15 drops 3 times daily. For children under 6, the maximum serving is 10 drops 3 times daily. Not for use in children under age 3.

  • Ingredients
    Eleuthero (stem & root), Astragalus (root), Chinese angelica (root), Atractylodes (rhizome) bai-zhu, Poria (whole herb), Zizyphus jujube (seed), Zizyphus jujube (fruit), Longan (fruit), Polygala (root), Reishi (fruiting body), Licorice (root) honey-fried, Nutgrass (rhizome), Schisandra (fruit)

    Other Ingredients
    filtered water, ethyl alcohol from sugarcane (less than 17% by packaged volume), USP pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerin

  • Cautions & Contraindications
    It's important to use Quiet Mind as intended to promote maximum health. Please follow these guidelines:

    • Quite Mind can be sedating; use caution when driving or operating machinery until you know how Quiet Mind affects you, especially if you are sensitive to sedation.
    • Do not combine Quiet Mind with excessive alcohol consumption.

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