Fixed Focus Herb Drops

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Fixed Focus formula supports mental focus, clarity, concentration, and attention span with a simple but effective blend of two herbal adaptogens and white tea. Traditionally, these herbs for focus and concentration we used to reduce distractions, improve attention span, and help focus the mind on the task at hand. Fixed Focus may support normal attention in adults and teens with ADHD who present primarily as inattentive (ADD). For those with combined type ADHD expressed as attention deficit with hyperactivity, try our Fixed Focus HD capsules, which blend our focus herbs with our Quiet Mind formula.*

The herbs in our Fixed Focus formula:

  • »  support sustained mental focus, attention, and clarity
  • »  reduce susceptibility to distractions
  • »  will not keep you awake or give you "the jitters"
  • »  contain a rich source of naturally occurring L-theanine

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